Permas Jaya Go Kart circuit

Boon Kang showing Hamilton’s winning stance, looking stylo and cool in his kart, but how come there is a rope behind? (at Permas Jaya Go Kart circuit)

OH! L-Plate(beginner) needs a mechanic to tow you around a few rounds. Super cute!

Otherwise, Daddy and Boon Wee had a field day trying to lap each other. This is our chance to drive our Mario Kart dreams!

The Go Kart experience begins when we drove 5km deep into palm tree plantation. GPS indicates Off-Road (read slightly bumpy). This is a first for the kids too, as they explore their new surroundings.

Permas Jaya Go Kart circuit (百万卡丁) is also known as Johor circuit or Plentong circuit. And this is the GPS coordinates “n01.53629 e103.85407”.

RM30 for 10 minutes. When you are on the track steering your kart, 10 minutes feel like a long time. Your hands will go numb after two sessions, (hint) Go Kart does not have power-steering :p

Trike or Kart? Kids wanted off road, but Mummy controls the budget :p

Go Kart employee will access whether child is suitable to drive. Boon Yee 7 years old 120cm was not eligible. Child must understand the concept of accelerator and brake pedal.

Obligatory photo shot.

We even got a Singtel SIA grid girl to flag us off 🙂

The competitive ones will try to lap the slow ones. There are two stretch where our beginner Kart can reach 50kmh easily, but kids seldom go above 20kmh (bicycle speed). Besides it is always the hairpin turns which are more thrilling to navigate!

Professional racers lap us as if we are stationary! Their karts can reach 150kmh!

Since we only have three racers from our family, everyone gets a Podium stand.

While we rest, the professional team wows us with their drift, spins and overtaking! Those without helmets are the mechanics at Permas Jaya Go Kart circuit. They must be super experienced to drive with one hand sans helmet.

We even got a budget no-frills Paddock experience!
(Drinks and SIA girls not included, unlike our F1 experience)

As we prepare for our second session, we can imagine ourselves lining up on the grid, scrambling for pole position. Needless to say, more karts will raise the Fun (and also danger) factor, checkout this super-cool drone video from [ALT]!

Pit stop. Notice the wet track? Daddy spin a few times when he overestimated his skills. But it was FUN!

Fun, Fun, fun! Once they get the hang of it, kids feel a sense of freedom and empowerment on the track.

Video (Link): Watch how fast the professionals can drift, and why Boon Xin’s finger kept blocking the camera?

Permas Jaya Go Kart circuit and SengkangBabies rocks!
Go Kart for kids

Tips to enjoy Go Karting at Permas Jaya:
-Opening hours – Mon to Fri 10am to 7pm, Sat and Sun 8am to 7pm
-Contact +60 12-703 3733 or
(no prior appointment needed, unless you are going in a big group)
Website and Fanpage. Another identical fanpage

-GPS “n01.53629 e103.85407”, 20km from Woodlands Custom (but we drove 70km along E22 from Desaru Lotus)
-Although sandals are allowed, wear shoe for better grip and control
-Purchase a 10minutes slot, rest, then book a second 10minutes session. Hands will be numb after ride
-For hygiene purpose, you can wear a shower cap, but it will look ah-soh not look cool
-or you can wear a cap and mount your GoPro Hero. (Daddy forgot to RECORD ouch!)
-Daddy’s spectacles was loose and the frame keep bouncing up and down over the bumpy track, making focusing groggy. If feasible, go without specs.
-Google “go kart Singapore” for the two Singapore Go Kart vendors (read their FAQs). Stringent SG regulations mean those without Driving License cannot ride a Kart which can reach 50kmh! (kids have to settle for a lower powered 2-seater ride)

Safety Tips:
-Ensure helmet is fitting and secured properly
-Do not get out of your Kart to push, just power and steer the kart towards correct direction.
-If engine has stalled, make yourself visible to oncoming karts so as to avoid collision, then safely retreat to the side (kids should stay inside until an adult helps them out)
-Use engine brake. Two sure way to spin is braking too hard (locking the wheels) or over-steering (failure to slow down before bend). Either way, your Kart should not overturn.
-Remind the kids Go Kart is not Bumper car! You do not want to pay for damages to Kart or bang into someone
-Just like driving, slower karts keep left, and we need to check blind spot before changing lanes
-For beginners, drive in a “predictable” manner (ie straight line, slow down before bend etc) and not zig-zag. Do not worry about people trying to overtake you, experienced karters (drivers) will manoeuvre and overtake you safely (if you stay predictable)

Video (Link): Up to 60kmh per hour!

RM30 for 10 minutes of Fun adrenaline, Daddy suspect kids will be asking for more track actions in the future.

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