Philips Airfryer makes us happy

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Boon Xin is a Happy Girl. She knows Mummy Philips Airfryer can whip up nice Food πŸ™‚
Mummy is not jealous, our Philips Airfryer has been a great help.

Pizza, bread, muffin, cheese cake, chicken wings and french fries, preparing our meals and snacks has never been easier, and healthier.
Airfryer menu

Everytime we smell something fragrant from the kitchen, we know another round of tasting is on the way. Mummy is experimenting with a new recipe and it means more treats for us.

Philip’s Airfryer menu makes us hungry all the time.

Needless to say, Mummy is the happiest with our Philips Airfryer.

Over the September school holiday, she kept herself busy studying the Philips Airfryer’s cookbook. This is her “toy” and she loves experimenting with new ways of cooking, without Oil πŸ™‚

Most of all, Mummy treasures the Philips Airfryer Moments. Kids volunteer to help, Daddy is always the greedy taster, cooking brings everyone together.

Tata! More food delights!

SengkangBabies are happy folks, θƒ½εƒζ˜―η¦. Kids find it full-filling and fun to prepare their own meals.

Mummy is contented when we enjoys our meals, this is what she likes about Philips Airfryer :

1. Simple and easy to use
2. Healthy fried foods without the oil
3. Effective – set the timer and the foods will be ready, no need to monitor
4. Portable in size, can use anywhere in the kitchen
5. Convenience – anytime anywhere any meal
6. Easy to clean up, just use hot water and all dirt easily removed

Philips Airfryer website claims “The best tasting fries without the oil”.
SengkangBabies AGREE!

(Image credit Philips Airfryer)

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