PIKA PIKA Changi Airport

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Pika Pika Changi Airport has landed!

When Changi Airport changed their social media profile to Pokemon, you know something big and cute is coming!
Pika Pika Changi Airport

There is a 7m Pikachu in T3 plus countless Pokemon Christmas trees all around.

Changi Airport’s social media platforms were blasted with adorable Pikachus, runway too!

PIKA and friends have literally invaded Changi Airport!

I brought two smaller kids to Changi Airport to catch the highly anticipated Pikachu parade πŸ™‚

The crowd went wild when PIKA PIKA waved to us !

PIKAs just need to shake left and wriggle right, and crowd would chant “So CUTE! Kawaii!

I am not a fan of PokemonGo. The kids play the game, just not on my phones (kee kee), and I was swayed by Pokemon vibes.

At T3 Departure Hall, Snowflakes, Christmas trees and Gingerbread house rings in the festive spirit. Do peep into Santa’s workshop and Mrs Claus’ Confectionery too πŸ™‚

Pikachus were ambushed by Pokemon Fans everywhere.

Kids were eagerly waiting to selfie with the PIKAS.

Video (link) : Pikachu Parade dancing

I tell you, some Parents are even more Excited than the kids.

More Pokemons and Pokestops around Changi Airport, some are in Transit.

Meanwhile in T2, the Snorlax is having a chill time πŸ™‚

Every $60 spent, entitle you to grab a cute Pokemon plush toy for $9.90 . Do take note of Plush toys hatching (schedule)

You can experience Z-Moves and Face Painting kiosks, do remember to download your QR code from this link beforehand.

There will be No bouncing castle this year, besides Pokemon, you can still enjoy some fun photo posing (and of course the slides).

All “Pokemon At Changi” activities are listed on this website, participate in the games and win some cute souvenirs.

* Pokemon At Changi display and exhibitions will run till 11 Feb 2017
** Pokemon Fans can meet and greet Pikachu weekends 6pm and 8pm (except 3 Dec) till 01 January 2017.
*** Trainers who take at least three photos at the Poketrail sites and share with hashtag #PokemonAtChangi stands to win a premium (details here)

For those searching for more photos and videos of Singapore’s first Pikachu parade, do pop by Cheekiemonkies, MummyEd and 3WheelingTots πŸ™‚

(image credit Changi Airport)

Last year was Star Wars (we love X-wing fighters!), and Pika Pika Changi Airport for 2016, Cool!

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