Improving my health at Pilates Fitness

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Three times a week, for one hour every session, I am committing myself to Pilates.

As a parent of four kids and a full time job, time and rest is always in demand.
I always find excuses to skip jogging, paying less attention to my fitness, and as a consequence, my tummy is getting harder to conceal.

I want to make a conscious effort to take charge of my health. I needed to improve my fitness.

Then, Pilates Fitness (PF) invited me to a trial, and I got curious.
Pilates reformer

I am totally clueless about Pilates and too lazy to sign up for sports workouts. Besides, I am doubtful whether my below-average fitness level might be suitable for Pilates?

Pilates Fitness’ website indicate Pilates is low impact and suitable for everyone (regardless of your fitness level). PF also recommends a minimum of three sessions per week to see the results over a four weeks period.

I had never thought of signing up for any fitness classes (maybe Yoga or Zumba), but since June, I have been trying my best to attend three Pilates Fitness classes per week. This is a good opportunity for me to demonstrate to the kids that it is important to be healthy.

Pilates Fitness equipment

Pilates Fitness makes use of Reformer machines (above) and accessories like toning ball and ring to help us exercise. To quote from PF :

“Pilates Reformer class uses Pilates Reformer machine as the main piece of equipment to perform Pilates exercises. The Reformer glides forward & backward on rollers and uses springs for resistance, along with other attachments, for a wide variety of exercises and positions (i.e. lying down, seated and standing).”

What have I gain and learn from the classes thus far?

– first-timers would need to go through a 30min orientation with the reformer. The spring, the technique, and how to position yourself.
– sitting posture is very important during Pilates exercise, back must always be straight
– as we progress and our fitness improves, our trainers might recommend us to add more resistance to our exercise (springs)
– we get more accustomed (aware) to our breathing and we feel our abs working hard
– every Pilates action need not be fast or impactful, but you need to appreciate how your body is responding (be it bicep or tricep curls). Everyone can proceed at their own pace.

(image credit Pilates Fitness)

“Breath in breathe out, keep your back straight, and tuck in your abs (scoop your belly).”

We keep hearing these three instructions repeated during lessons. Initially, I struggle to coordinate my limbs and breathing. When I am tired and trying to catch my breaths, it is not easy to focus and listen to our trainer’s instructions. When we “scoop our belly”, we are encouraging engagement of the core muscles πŸ™‚

The experience (and control) should get better after a few sessions.
If someone with coordination problems (like me) can do it, you should perform better.

After reading so far, you might be curious about how Pilates will train your core muscles and benefits, click here.

At the end of every class, my tummy, calves, and hamstrings (actually it is my whole body) will be sore. Pilates is a total workout for me but I FEEL GOOD!

Pilates for weight loss
(checkout the prenatal couple Pilates too)

Every lesson is an opportunity to push myself further, be it lifting or stretching, or holding that crunch longer. I feel rejuvenated after each class (except perhaps for Jumpboard)

Will share more in the next blog post why Jumping (horizontally) is not as easy as it sounds. JumpBoard can actually be addictive after a while, but be prepared for jelly legs πŸ™‚

Not sure where to start?
Signup for your first session, which includes a free 30min trial (orientation), get to know more about the reformer and how it can help you improve your fitness. You can also opt for a “6-Day Trial” for $59 if you need more time to try out the classes.

More details on Pilates Fitness website, Fanpage and Instagram @sgpilatesfitness.

Different types of Pilates classes (at PF) and FAQs :

ps.. Say yes to a stronger, leaner and toner body! A special shoutout to the teachers at both Serangoon Garden and Telok Blangah. I am really benefiting from your coaching πŸ™‚