Fun experience at Home Team festival

You know it must be FUN when Boon Yee and Boon Xin are trying to stop the Red Truck !

Daddy told us the “ang3 chia1” (literally Red car) was primary used to suppress riots. On the news, we have seen water cannon (not your usual shower head) and stinging cocktails deployed to disperse rioters or crowd. No one is getting pepper spray wet today :p

Police PTU, Anti Riot Red Truck

Normally, it is not FUN to be stopped by Traffic police (TP), but last Sunday, kids were happily posing with TP’s mean machines !

Daddy is proud to announce that we did not receive any summon during last weekend’s Home Team Festival.

kids with Yamaha bike, TP Yamaha bike

And many families were eager to get up close with the favourite elusive Volvo, and best of all, Home Team Festival was Free !
Traffic Police vehicles, TP Volvo

2013 is Home Team’s inaugural open house, and the theme was “Safe Home, Our Secure Nation”.

Nearer to our home, we wonder how CCTV can help keep our neighbourhood safer.
CCTV neighbourhood, cctv lift landing

Nope, Singapore has strict gun laws (unlike United states), Daddy told us we do not need to buy pump gun at Walmart. The only pistol/gun/rifles we have do not need ammunition, we just need water.

Kids has an opportunity to steer a patrol vessel too, although Boon Xin was attempting a donut (drift).

We are telling you the Home Team’s showroom is more happening then those along Ubi or Leng Kee ! Our rides come in black or red, and some are even armour plated !

No wonder Boon Xin is smiling so broadly πŸ™‚
Home team exhibition, home team open house

Boon Yee tried to enrolled for Sengkang’s Police vigilante group. Daddy told him he must grow more muscle to wield the shield and baton first.
kids with police baton and shield

Boon Xin was more interested in her light sabre (KL Kidzania has one identical rod)

Scdf red rhino

Kids always look adorable when they are riding over-sized Yamahas or Red-Scorpions !
SCDF Red scorpian

What happens when our MRT has an incident? We fondly remembered our tunnel walking experience at Sengkang MRT Depot.
MRT evacuation, Mrt tunnel walk

We saw the mini me “truck” roll off from a Hazmat truck during 2013 NDP. Pretty cool.

Scdf Hazmat truck

We have not seen this armed truck before, it belongs to the fierce Gurkha unit.
gurkha truck

Even Riot police are not exempted from ERP haha πŸ™‚

Police van and prison bus on display too. Cool.
Police van and prison bus

Other activities spotted at the festival. The rock wall is intimidating, and where is K9 canine?

Besides the vehicles, Daddy suspects Family section is the next most popular with kids.

Kids get to wear their favourite Police or Fireman uniforms. At another corner, they can be CSI (forensic) or CID detectives too !
kids roleplay policeman fireman, kids policeman fireman uniform

Kiddy rides in Police patrol or Fireman’s jeep. Too cool !
kiddy rides, police and fire engine kiddy rides

To garner a smile from the kids, this ride is worth the 30 or 40 minutes queue.

We always reinforce the importance of “Look Right, Look Left”.

Video – Home Team Festival is too cool ! Catch Boon Yee attempts to conquer the “endless ladder”

We love SAF’s open-houses (be it Air Force, Navy or Army), and this is our first Home Team Open house. Judging by the non-stop high beam and horning at the Vehicle gallery, we suspect kids (and families) are shouting for an encore πŸ™‚

Great Work organisers! We hope to attend more Home Team open houses in the near future.

It would be cool if organisers can build a prison cell for future open house. Show the kids why it is miserable to lose their freedom.

** Do pop by SengkangBabies album for more exhibition photos.

More details :
– Post event details and photos can be found at Home Team Festival and Singapore Police Force fanpage.

– Read about Police Tactical Unit (PTU) at this link

– Did you know SPF has a Police Heritage Centre? We visited the museum in 2011

– if your Resident Commitee (RC) is organising a MRT evacuation drill with SMRT, sign up quickly. Our kids were impressed when the MRT’s front door unfold to reveal the tracks.

– Video : Interested in the Red Cars? CrimeWatch has an episode on PTU.