Fighting Monsters at POLW

[ Media Invite ]

Last Sat, we heard a distress call from Port of Lost Wonder (POLW).
Monsters are invading and heroes are needed to stop the invasion.

We dispatched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (Boon Yee) and Red Riding Hood (Boon Xin) to join the junior superheroes league. We must stop the monsters’ onslaught!

Before we hit ground zero, our kids did some warmup exercises with old playgrounds.

Superheroes have to register before they can enter POLW, Boon Xin found herself some allies.

Maze, Slime, Archery, Tattoo, cocktail, photo booth, all the ingredients for a wonderful party are ready.

Sengkang’s Heroes played Robin Hood and Hunger Games (sorry, bow and arrow always bring up this image). And Ghostbusting with SLIME too.

Spooky Junior at POLW is actually a Heroes and Halloween event and kids were encouraged to wear their superheroes costume along. The best dressed individual and family will stand to win attractive prizes.
(Check out Superman’s family and Snow Queen here)

(image credit POLW)

Pumpkins and Monsters lurk around the corners, but juniors need not be scared as the monsters are quite kids-friendly. Some will gladly share their sweets and goodies too.

On the other hand, Poor Captain America and Wolverine were mistaken as baddies and harassed by the kids :p

The evening was not all about Fighting. Kids can glam it up at photo booth (One Eye Click).

Tattoo to make the kids look cuter (butterflies) or fiercer (incredible Hulk Green face).

Need additional juice? Concoct your own PowerUP or Self-healing potion to win the fight. Parents can also rent a Dracula costume to join their Superheroes kids.

Even Superheroes need to rest and eat, huge platter of Food and Pizza to reward their efforts 🙂

After dinner, they decided to bash more monsters in the foam pool.

Overall, it was an enjoyable evening for us. Boon Kang (not in costume) relish the opportunity to de-stress from his exam studies.

Video : Checkout their monsters bashing activities

Rental of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Red Riding Hood” costumes are kindly sponsored by Mymini-me. This was actually our first costume party and kids were happy with their own heroes makeover.

Mymini-me carries a wide range of rental costumes for kids, do checkout more promotions on Mymini-me Fanpage.

The next Superheroes mobilisation (Spooky Junior at POLW) will be on 01Nov.
Anyone game for the challenge?

– Port of Lost Wonder (Website and Fanpage)
– Date/Time – 01Nov from 6.30pm to 10pm
– Spooky Junior at POLW – Child $39.90, Adult $10
(normal entry fee is $10/$15 for weekday/weekend respectively)

– Nearest carpark – Beach Station

** Do checkout our BBQ under the Stars experience too.

Port of Lost Wonder BBQ

[ Media Invite ]

We visited Port of Lost Wonder (POLW) twice before, but only blog about the opening experience last April. We love this Pirate boat in Sentosa.

Thanks to Angeline (PrincessDana)’s invite, our family got to enjoy POLW’s “BBQ under the Stars” session. Daddy look at the invitation and got a bit confused.

Is POLW still opened from 6.30Pm to 9.30Pm in the evening?
We did not remember any BBQ stalls in our previous visits.

The $35(Adult) and $30 (Child) BBQ entrance fees includes alacarte selection of main dish like beef rump, sausage platter, Chicken Thigh or maybe burgers for kids.

Parents can enjoy their BBQ dinner in peace, as they watch the kids running around. Occasionally, we shout to the kids “Come and EAT !”

Daddy did not capture too much food photos as we were hungry the sky was turning dark. Do pop by PrincessDana’s blog with more gorgeous BBQ photos 🙂

Besides the BBQ and Water, we can also catch candy floss and movie! No wonder Boon Yee is beaming.

Did anyone mention the cool FOAM party ! And we thought the kids would be tired after a morning session at WWW (foam too)!

Although we did not see any stars, the night scenes are simply mesmerizing, and the water cold. Daddy eventually join the kids on the Pirate Boat, but for some reason, could not catch the energetic kids !

We recently blog about couple Date Nights, and Daddy would recommend POLW for those parents out there who want some candlelight moments, while keeping their sights on the kids. The sea wind helps to enhance the romantic experience 🙂

We would like to Thanks Sentosa, Pirates of Lost Wonder (POLW) and Angeline for the invitation. Our kids had so much Fun at Pirates 🙂

Additional information on POLW and BBQ :
– POLW’s “BBQ under the stars” is only available during June school holiday’s Fri and Sat from 6:30PM to 9:30PM.
POLW website
POLW June Holiday activities
POLW Fanpage
Our trip last April
– More photos on Sengkang Babies Fanpage