Reunion dinner with family and friends

We had our reunion dinner with a group of friends yesterday.
Not the Chinese New Year reunion dinner but a special occasion to encourage the Family to dine together, more frequently.

We do not need special occasions to dine together.
If we parents do not make an effort to dine with our young ones, how can we expect the kids to dine with us when they enter their teenage years?

Out of 303 respondents (aged 18 to 25), a survey indicated that today’s youth might not find dining together a necessity. Work, school and other distractions make it harder for a family to sit together for a meal.

We might have experience one of these scenes during our meal times :
– the parent who could not stop updating his social media status
– the child who needs an Ipad to settle down
– or the kid who refuse to eat if TV is not turned on.

Unfortunately, we are part of the 低头族 (head-bending community)
Yes, SengkangBabies’ parents are sometimes guilty too 🙂

(image credit – Pink Blue Photography provided families with props and photo printouts for a fun “reunion” dinner)

It was in this context that we gladly accepted “THE REAL REUNION (家肴) campaign” dinner invite.

To quote from the team :
The Real Reunion aims to strengthen family bonds through meals. By redefining the term ‘reunion dinner’, we hope that families can have meals together much more often and not limiting reunion dinner to any culture or special festivities.

Video : We can definitely do a “Reunion” dinner any day 🙂

Our reunion Dinner was held at Blisshouse Themed Restaurant, and the kids were more excited about the setup, props rather than meal time heh heh.

Great company, smiles and laughter ring out across the restaurant.
The Real Reunion dinner Ntu

The dinner was even more memorable and meaningful with the presence of our kakis. Hello Cheekiemonkies, OurPrincessDana, aHappyMum, Edunloaded, Jbabies and WackyDuo 🙂

Group photo with the Reunion organisers (in Orange), and VIP Ms Low Yen Ling (Parliamentary Secretary MSF)
The Real Reunion team

Thank you team, we really enjoy our dinner yesterday evening !
(from L to R Desmond, Jayne, Zhihui and Nathan)

If kids have a choice, ice cream will be a good excuse for Reunion dinner haha 🙂

The Real Reunion team is giving you more excuses to dine together 🙂
From now till 12Mar, snap a photo of you dining with your parent and stand to win Osim products ! More details here.

For more updates about Reunion dinner project, do pop by their Website and Fanpage.

(ps group photos credit to Cheekiemonkies)