What can you find at Playful Elves?

ELVES of course :p

Six elves were spotted today, four from our family, and two from CheekieMonkies. We had baked some Chocolates earlier with Party Parlour, and now the kids are restless.

Playful Elves is at West Coast Plaza. When we see Boon Xin jumping so HIGH, we know something is happening here 🙂

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Kids busy collecting ammunition balls.

It is advisable for adults to avoid the pit area, as you will be targeted !

Friendly staff at Playful Elves. She must be amused by the Din created by our kids 🙂

Slides never fail to entertain the kids.

The slides at the bouncing castle were no less fun !

If kids need to rest, bring them to Playful Elves’ carpark. The cars should keep them happy 🙂

Car park rally

Random photos

What else can be found at Playful Elves? Call them today to enquire, or visit their fanpage (Playful Elves Fanpage).

Playful Elves address : 154 West Coast Road, West Coast Plaza, #02-02/03/04, Singapore 127371

Thank you Playful Elves and Party Parlour for the invitation, we really enjoy ourselves at your playground. More Fun photos are available at our fanpage.

Video : Catch us having FUN at Elves

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ Go West ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

We discover two other things at West Coast Plaza. Doraemon exhibition until 30Dec, and this West Co’z Cafe is supposed to serve very nice Fish Head Curry. We love their noodles and fried rice.

As our hometown is in the North East, West side always seem so far away.
But Playful Elves, and our recent jcube Ice Skating experience, must indicate that the West has become Singapore’s new lifestyle hub. Please visit West Coast park with your family too, fun is guranteed !