Scariest slides at Legoland Malaysia Waterpark

Looking at Daddy attempting all the rides at Legoland Malaysia Waterpark, you might not believe that he is still fearful about roller coaster and Project-X rides.

When the kids came along, Daddy had to teach himself to face his own fears, including tree top adventures. He need to be the kids’ role-model.

Talk about parenting perils… He still does not like some of the Legoland (Dry) rides like Project-X or Dragon, but he will gladly accompany the kids one more round.

Let us try to share on a 5 point scale which is the most scary/fun slide in Legoland Waterpark.
Legoland waterpark map
(image credit Legoland)

Video : Red Rush(Fun 4/5, Fear 2/5), Brick Blaster(Fun 4/5, Fear 4/5), Splash & Swirl(Fun 3/5, Fear 3/5).

Video : Lego Slide Racers(Fun 5/5, Fear 3.5/5)

Video : Joker Soaker(Fun 4/5, Fear 1/5)

Fear factor of “1” comes from the cold water and big bucket’s content.

Video : Twin Chasers & Splash Out(Fun 3/5, Fear 2/5), Tidal Tube(Fun 3/5, Fear 2/5)

(not in picture) Wave Rider(Fun 4/5, Fear 4/5)
The never ending green tube, when we reach 20kmh (estimated) in total darkness, ending with a anti-gravity climb. Everyone must try Wave Rider once.

We are always happier and the rides more fun when we do it together !
奶奶 with us at the Wave Pool.

大舅 waiting to tame The Dragon with us (Legoland Dry park, (Fun 4.5/5, Fear 5/5).

For the sake of comparison, Mini Dragon(Fun 4/5, Fear 4/5) and Project-X(Fun 4.5/5, Fear 4.5/5).
Legoland Project X and Dragon

Can you imagine six of us riding down together! Slide Racers must be at least six storeys up, and Boon Xin just manage to clear 107cm (hooray!).
Slide Racers

Splash and Swirl

Brick Blaster got two mean “flips” inside the yellow/red funnels !

ps.. even Beetle Bounce can be heart-stopping for some 🙂

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