Sky Mirror Sekinchan

We will share our Fun experience at Sky Mirror Sekinchan in this blog post. Did you know there are two Sky Mirrors 天空之镜 in Malaysia, the other one is further North at “Blog Bagan Datoh“.

Sekinchan Padibox Homestay
Sekinchan Padibox Homestay

This is a backdated post (from 2018), we had earlier shared Day 1’s Road trip from Singapore to Sekinchan 适耕庄. The yummy food (ie Klang!) and our cool Padibox homestay  (Read Day 1 Sekinchan link and 3D2N photos) .

YouTube link : Family Fun at Sekinchan and Skymirror

We chose agency “天空之镜 Sky Mirror Tour & Travel Sdn Bhd”  for our trip. They seem to be one of the more established agency around, with frequent Social Media updates and reviews.

From photo below, rates are adult RM100 and child RM80 respectively. We heard locals can get more attractive rates 🙂

Met early (about 7am or 7.30am) at their jetty (GPS 3.342471, 101.250663) and waited for our boat. The Jetty is about 26km from Padibox.

It is a 25min 30min boat ride to Sky Mirror Sekinchan. Jetty is in a mangrove forest and we headed out to open sea.

So call “天空之镜” is a piece of land which is only visible during low tide. Look at the crowd!

Your travel agency will bring the “props” and clue you on the photos. Visitors are advised to wear bright clothes for the best visual effect (reflections).

Sky Mirror Sekinchan
Sky Mirror Sekinchan

While waiting for our crew to setup their “studio”, we can diy some special effect first 🙂

Photo memories.

“Professional” photos 🙂
Many folks are attracted to Sky Mirror’s amazing mirror effect.

Beside Paddy fields, Sekinchan is also known for seafood. There are quite a few food options nearby.

Sekinchan is also known as 鱼米之乡 (Fish, Padi Town).

Google is recommending “Warung Ibu Nasi Ambeng (GPS 3.411179, 101.196887)” too. Every dish was delicious sedap!

Classic Nasi Padang (mixed rice) for us. Comfort food and addictive sambal.

Only one famous Mango outlet at Sekinchan. Mango King at GPS 3.527981, 101.139394.

Sweet and cooling, just grab the original mango, skip the smoothie.

Seafood restaurants and coffee shops are concentrated in two areas (refer Google Map link , about 4km North-West of Padibox).

Be prepared to queue during peak periods, some popular seafood restaurants would be pre-reserved for tourists.

We had our dinner at 鸿运海鲜饭店 “Restoran Bagan”
(GPS 3.505678, 101.097867)


Cycling was another highlight for us. Leisurely exploring the padi fields, green and yellow.

These fields remind me of  our recent Hualien Ruisui Yuli cycling trip 🙂

Sky Mirror Sekinchan is strongly recommended if you have not seen visited before. Families will have fun playing with their own reflections.

Personally, I would prefer the Sky Mirror at Bagan Datoh. You can literally catch your own shells, and cook them for your seafood lunch!

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Sekinchan blog
Sekinchan blog

Tips: Paddy Fields will turn Golden around May/Jun and in Nov


Jonker Walk Malacca

Jonker Walk Malacca (雞場街) is the place to be when you visit. The lane will be closed to traffic in the evenings and stalls will line the streets.

Do take note Jonker Walk night market is only open on Friday, and weekends.

Many tourists will meet at landmark 三叔公 (GPS 2.194958, 102.248342). This red building has a few floors selling local delicacies (土产).  

We would recommend starting your Jonker Walk Malacca trail at around 1800. It will be very crowded by 1830. It might be a good idea for kids to enjoy some light dinner (street snacks) beforehand.

Jonker Walk Malacca
Jonker Walk Malacca

Food, shopping, little bit of sight-seeing. Now that our kids are bigger, they are more adventurous when it come to new food and experience 🙂


We took our time to tour the night market, and pinched our dinner here and there.

Ear rings and accessories for the girl. There are a lot of toys to attract the kiddos too. Karaok anyone, you can peep inside the clan associations.

Jonker 88 (GPS 2.196664, 102.246669) would be one of the tourist hotspots. The iconic chendol would be a welcome respite from the merciless Sun.

YES, we are recommending you to visit Jonker 88 before Jonker Walk (market) opens at night, otherwise no seating space.

Jonker 88 is next to the muscle builder.

Food, drink, tidbits, something for everyone to enjoy. And we can still takeaway (打包) cheese tarts back to our accommodation.

A few stalls are selling watermelons! They literally use a “cream mixer” to mesh the inside for us to slurp. It took us a while to finish the whole watermelon. Fun novelty!

Some stalls will even make a sling for you to carry (just like handbag).

Some other interesting “food” eye candies along Jonker Walk Malacca.


These buns look cute, but taste-wise so so. The cute designs won us over.

Souvenirs anyone?



We spotted a static Golden Uncle. Drop a few spare bucks and Uncle will dance (moonwalk) for you. The gold glitters will rub off your shoulders too 🙂

The other entrance to Jonker Walk Malacca (GPS 2.197860, 102.245316). This stage will have some performances too. 

When the sun sets, the fanciful (and loud) rickshaws roam the streets!

Malacca rickshaws

Do pop by our recommended Malacca eateries in an earlier blog post too. More photos of our 2D2N trip uploaded on Facebook.


ps.. as with all night markets, try not to bring the strollers along. Plan for minimum 2 to 3 hours to enjoy Jonker Walk. Wear light as it will be crowded and hot.