Cycle to East Coast Park, between 70 to 80km

This post will share what is available when we cycle to East Coast Park (from Sengkang). Do read our blog about 80km ride to the West and 50km North too.

In summary, clockwise Sengkang-Punggol-Pasir Ris-Changi Village- Tanah Merah Coast road-Cycle to East Coast Park-Bedok/Kembangan or Marina Bay

Full route 70km will take between 4 to 6 hours, depending on breaks. Average speed 15 to 20kmh.


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Our route will normally start at Sengkang Swimming complex and follow PCN (Park Connectors Network) all the way.

Do read our previous blog about scenic 20km running route Sengkang-Punggol-Hougang-Buangkok, best for marathon trainings.

Serangoon Reservoir Dam
Serangoon Reservoir Dam in the background.

Look out for these land marks along the scenic river route. This stretch could be one of the best in Singapore.

Checkpoint 3 (below) Lorong Halus bridge is the PCN link between Punggol to Pasir Ris. There is a new link between Lorong Halus Bridge to Pasir Ris (checkpoint 4).

Cycle Sengkang to Lorong Halus
Cycle to Coney Island (Image credit Google Map)

You might wish to pose at Lorong Halus wetland too (used to be smelly rubbish hills!)

Cycle to Lorong Halus

You can follow Pasir Ris Drive 3 all the way towards Changi. If time permits, detour left into Pasir Ris Park for some exotic scenes.

Pasir Ris Park
Cycle to Pasir Ris Park

Love the mangroves at the bridge.

Take an Unesco meal break at Changi Village Hawker Centre. Enjoy the bumboats or take a photo at the “finger“.

Changi Nasi Lemak

Cycle to Changi Village
Changi Village finger

Enjoy this break before embarking on 14km  Tanah Merah Coast Road (TMCR).

Follow the path along the sea, you will pass SAF Ferry Terminal (to Tekong). Toilet 3 will be the last refresh point before you start TMCR. You will pass Changi Ferry Terminal on your left.

On TMCR, you may cycle on the bike lane or on the parallel pavement. Keep left and let faster cyclists overtake. Road bikes can clock 50kmh easily.

First-timers should listened out for “BIKE” or “ON YOUR RIGHT” when bikers approach from behind.

Cycle to Tanah Merah Coast Road

Do not go near the inner yellow lines as you would not have room to prevent hitting the kerb, and the pebbles are normally concentrated nearer to the kerb.

Cycle almost 12km and you will see a entry on your left (GPS 1.318415, 103.983942). This is a new park connector and I love the coastal view.

If you do not turn in and cycle another 2km, you will reach below junction. Turn left to head towards East Coast Park.

Cycle to Jurassic Mile

From this junction, you are also 600m away from Jurassic Mile entrance. First time folks can cycle to Changi Airport T4 and T2!

Back to East Coast Park (ECP). You can choose to exit ECP at different exit points, or cycle whole 16km to reach Marina Barrage.

Enjoy the greens. Just take note of heavy human traffic at popular junctions.

 Cycle to East Coast Park
Cycle to East Coast Park

Option 1) You can exit via this underpass (image below) to head North towards Bedok, Tampines (circumvent Bedok camp). Travel along Bedok Park Connector.

Or you can stop for refreshment at the newly reopen East Coast Food Centre. Enjoy the carefree spins at Wake Park.

Or maybe chill with Pocari or Ice cream at 7-11 or Raintree Cove (crowded). Personally, I love 7-11 as the window view reminds me of my family cycling trip in Taiwan!

Taiwan 7-11
Taking a break in Taiwan

Option 2) You can exit via this overhead bridge (image below) towards Siglap Park Connector. Get a superb view of flower-laden ECP.

Cycle Sengkang to East Coast Park
Cycle Hougang to East Coast Park

Options 1, 2 and 3 captured in this map (Credit Google Map)


Otherwise, cycle North till Kembangan MRT or straight towards Hougang, Sengkang or Punggol. The bridge over PIE.

Pavement next to Hougang Avenue 3. Sometimes the fallen leaves look like a scene out of Autumn maple.

Sengkang is only 13km from East Coast Park.

Cycling Park Connector Sengkang

Option 3) Cycle East Coast Park all the way till you reach CBD or Indoor Stadium.

Take it slow and easy as you do not need to cycle on the road.

Cycling map East Coast Park Singapore

The new Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant. You can go to the roof and fly kite.

Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant

Or cycle to Marina Barrage.

If you follow Marina Bay basin, you will reach Marina Bay, choose your favourite landmarks for photo-op. MBS, Gardens by the Bay etc.

Apple Marina Bay

Miss URA’s Car Free Sunday editions! (When roads are off-limits for vehicles, and cyclists own the roads!)

Perhaps, Padang’s Singapore National Gallery?

Loop back towards Kallang MRT, park connector will bring me back to Hougang and Sengkang.

Option 4: You can cycle straight to Queenstown, Clementi, Jurong, Lim chu Kang and close your round the island (RI) loop! (RI completed 2021 May, read here)

Fyi, Raffles MRT to Lakeside MRT is extra 20km.
Tuas West Road MRT Station to Lamp Post 1 is 11 km! (Tuas is huge plot of industrial land).

Cycling Lamp Post 1 Tuas
Cycle Lamp Post 1 Tuas

RTI without Tuas is 130km + (estimate 9 hours)
RTI with Tuas (Lamp post 1) would be 160km + (11 hours)
(My average speed is around 100 minutes for 30km)

We will share the Northern routes (Yishun,Woodlands, Mandai) in a future post. Meanwhile, read our bike adventures:

-Cycle 70km East, TMCR (link)
-Cycle 80km West,Lim Chu Kang(link) (LCK slopes are tougher than TCMR)
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-Cycle 50km to explore 3 Reservoirs and 3 parks
-Completed Round Island 140km!  (Click for GPX routing)
-Cycle 20km to Green Corridor (or Marina Bay and Sportshub)

* MTB\RoadBike\Foldie selection, & Foldable bike shortlisting
-More details and landmarks about Park Connectors (PCN) at nParks link
-Follow my family’s cycling experience here .
-Instagram SengkangBabies #skbCycles

Cycle West Singapore 80km-Training for RTI

Last weekend, I followed Randy to cycle West Singapore for 80km. Slowly but surely, I am training towards 100km and first RTI ( 125 or 150km Round the Island).

(RI trip completed May 2021, read here. You may wish to read our North 50km and East 80km cycling trips too)

Our route covered 80km (90km for Randy) and includes four short breaks. We did take some photos at scenic spots. (Must enjoy your ride journey and have happy memories)

Cycle West Singapore 80km
Cycle West Singapore 80km

RIT for me is not for personal glory, but sort of a bucket list.
We know we can do it physically, but we need to commit the time (actual day and mileage) to achieve our goal.

No need set time limit, nor personal best, just aim for completion and a sense of achievement.

On that note, East side (Tanah Merah Coastal road) is definitely easier to navigate compared to the slopes along Kranji, Lim Chu Kang or old Choa Chu Kang.  East side (From Pasir Ris to TMCR to ECP) has beautiful and wide pavements (PCN). TMCR has dedicated bike lane too!

Relive video:
*Strava and Relive to capture your bike trip

West side some sections do no have pavement nor PCN (yet), and you will encounter more trucks and dogs too!

01 Break at Causeway Point

Our ride brought us from Sengkang-Seletar-Yishun-Canbera-Woodlands-Kranji-Lim Chu Kang-Jurong West-Bouna Vista-River Valley-Bugis-Kallang-Macpherson-Sengkang

Estimated timing/checkpoints:
0600 Setoff Sengkang
0715 Sembawang Canberra (17km)
0745 Causeway point 20 min break
0850 LCK Jetty (40km)
0950 Lakeside MRT (50km)
1000 Mcd Jurong East (15 min)
1130 Queentown Petrol staton (5 min)
1220 Bugis (70km)
1320 Sengkang (85km)

Sungei Gedong Armour
02 Lim Chu Kang Jetty and Sungei Gedong Armour HQ

For first timers to west side, you should attempt Kranji and Lim Chu Kang only during weekends. There are no pavements and a lot of trucks will be playing the roads during weekdays!

a)Vehicles wise, roads there are relatively quieter Saturday or Sunday but expect hundred of cyclists 🙂

b)Beside the trucks, the slopes along LCK are killers and will really whack your calves. Better ensure you have enough water (hydration and no full bladder). I did not spot any public toilet or coffeeshop for a good 20km (Kranji to Jalan Bahar).

c)Hardcore folks will cycle 3am or 4am too, but the cemeteries look spooky at night

d)There is higher chance of being chased by dogs rather than ghosts. If you do encounter dogs, some experts will recommend out-pacing the dogs by cycling above 40kmh! My foldie max is only 30kmh so I can only go for next options.

Slow down, and dogs will find you too-boring to chase. Otherwise, dismount and pretend to throw a rock. (PRETEND only, otherwise someone might complain dog abuse)

Disclaimer. Please do not blame me if above dog-panic steps fail. I would panic too if a crazy dog threatens to snap at my heels

Fyi. Lim Chu Kang road will become a runway for F15 and F16 during an emergency, do read our 2016 Ex-Torrent blog post.

Back to two wheels, just cycle straight along LCK towards Jalan Bahar, Jalan Boon Lay. You can break at Lakeside or Chinese Garden area. We continued to Jem.

Turn left towards Lakeside Garden (and MRT) at this junction (GPS 1.337888, 103.710052). Just cycle under 10 minutes to reach Lakeside MRT, and you can head towards Jem (Jurong East MRT).

After Jem, turn right at this junction along Boon Lay Way (GPS 1.328629, 103.749727) and just follow the canal ( Ulu Pandan Park Connector)

With respect to Bouna Vista direction, the right side path of canal is more “scenic” and cooling.

03 Temporary path next to Chinese Garden, and Jurong East MRT (2nd break)

Special mention to garang Randy. He keeps motivating me and is my navigation guru, and he does not need Google Maps!

Really helpful to have him around as I am quite poor navigating the West Side of SG.

Old Railway bridge.

Follow canal all the way towards Bouna Vista and Holland Village. Go straight towards Queenstown. Ulu Pandan PCN is about 6km.

Turn Left “small path” (GPS 1.294833, 103.806194) before Queenstown MRT to go along river “Alexandra Canal Linear Park” PCN.

Follow river to Clarke Quay and Boat Quay, look out for pedestrians. There are at least 4 or 5 small junctions to cut across, but route is quiet and cooling as you cycle in between flats and condos.

Colourful Alkaff bridge

From here on, we cycled towards Bugis and Kallang Park Connector.

We were fortunate as the day was warm and not too hot. Nevertheless, 80km took me 7 hours to complete (including breaks).

Back to Sengkang Neighbourhood

Referring to the coast-to-coast map below (credit Straits Time url), we are excited about new upcoming trails across Singapore.

-Does it mean Kranji and LCK will be more cyclist friendly?
– Looking forward to RIR (Round Island Route) as it means we can explore more without cycling on roads

singapore new coast to coast trails
Singapore new coast to coast trails

While we ride, do not forget to enjoy the ride and scenery. Every kilometre is a milestone, a memory.

This post shares Cycle West Singapore 80km, next posts will share Cycle East side 🙂

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*Read MTB\RoadBike\Foldie selection, & Foldable bike shortlisting
-Follow my family’s cycling experience here .
-Instagram SengkangBabies #skbCycles