2014 NDP Preview of F15SG at Paya Lebar Airbase

Since 2010, F15SG has been a regular feature at National Day Parade (NDP flypast).

The Eagles are always a crowd favourite. Imagine our exhilaration when we were invited to Paya Lebar airbase, home of 149 Squadron (insignia Shikra). We will get to witness the team prepare their F15SGs for NDP2014 Flypast.

Major Wong sharing 149 Squadron’s Shikras formation for NDP flypast. The NDP crowd will wow at the overhead F15SG flypast for a few seconds, but the preparation behind leaves nothing to chance.

Manouvring their F15SG at a height of 1500ft, in close proximity and holding the flight formation, the pilots make it sounds so easy. We heard from the aircrew that the biggest challenge is the unpredictable weather.

Up there in the sky, the only constant is Change, which the experienced pilots take in their stride 🙂

Officer Mess, 149 Squadron has a lot to be proud of.

We were given a tour of the “changing room”, and you can try to role-play as Iceman Maverick pilot too.

Paging for #SengkangBabies, our little pilots’ callsign 🙂
Daddy told the boys they must first be super-fit and maybe go for lasik before they can join the “Above All” team.

Thank you Squadron 149 (and RSAF) for keeping Singapore Safe! We bid goodbye to the pilots as they proceed to prep their F15 Eagles.

You might notice there are 12 pilots. Each F15 Eagle is manned by a crew of two, and one extra F15SG will be available for any contingency.
F15 Singapore

Captain Shrek (his callsign and his build) briefing us on how pilots go through their pre-flight checklists. A competent ground crew is critical to maintaining RSAF’s readiness.

F15 fly past National Day Parade

In the cockpit, Daddy reminded the kids not to thug the Eject handle!

Daddy is intrigued with the multiple red ribbons.

Vents, air-intake, pods, we guys are always curious with the afterburners 🙂

Before the F15SG turn on it’s twin powerplant, we quickly inserted our ear plugs!
Ear plug for fighter jet fly past

F15SG selfie 🙂

Video (link) : RSAF’s F15SG preparing to scramble

Video : Catch Captain Max and Major Edwin on Cyberpioneer (part 1 and part 2), and also how RSAF protects Singapore’s air space.

The enthusiastic media group seizing every opportunity to snap the Shikras 🙂

(image credit RSAF)

Six F15 Eagles preparing to scramble down the runway.

(image credit RSAF)

Thank you Mindef and SQ149 for hosting us !

Checkout our friends’ experience at Paya Lebar Airbase:

We had earlier gather at Air Force Museum. Do pop by our previous cycling and 2008 RSAF Open House experience in Paya Lebar.

Air Force Museum

More photos of our Paya Lebar airbase excursion has been uploaded to our Fanpage album. Sengkangbabies will bring you more NDP updates from the floating platform next week 🙂

**updated 08Jul – We went for NDP 2014’s 1st rehearsal on 05th Jul

RSAF45 at Singapore Airshow

[ Media Invite ]

RSAF45 is about Singapore Air Force’s 45th anniversary. They will be holding an exhibition at SA2014 (Singapore Airshow), and we were invited to touch the Apaches, Falcons and Eagles !

Wow, Daddy did not tell Boon Wee and Boon Yee that Hercules C-130 is Heavy?
Hercules c-130 Singapore

And how often can we stand so near to F15 Eagle’s rear, oops we meant afterburner :p

We started our tour in RSAF’s pavilion, where visitors will learn about RSAF’s transformation and capabilities.
– Zone 1 – Our Air Force Heritage and Transformation
– Zone 2 – Experiencing our Air Force Capabilities
– Zone 3 – Our People, Our Tribe.

Kids wasted no time mapping their own Fun itinerary, (hint) Zone 2’s simulation booths are kids’ equivalent of Timezone!
Exhibition booth RSAF45; Map of RSAF at Singapore Air show

Seriously, Fighter Jets can land on Lim Chu Kang Road, kids thought Daddy was joking.

UAV has been loitering in the sky for quite some time (since 1998s), and collecting first hand intelligence.

Air to Air refueling.

We learn more about RSAF’s layered security umbrella (anti aircraft)

Give Boon Yee a Mistral, he has experience with Nerf Guns.

Guess which is my favourite missile, Aster 30 or Spyder?
Anti Aircraft missiles Singapore, AA RSAF

Modern warfare is all about Network Integration.
3G SAF Integrated strikeforce
SAF Air Defence network

Last Saturday, everyone has their hands busy trying to direct a war.
Even Nintendo Wii can help us mechanic wanabes haha.
Simulation and Games at RSAF45

To call for a smart bomb, kids just aim the cursor at target, click <Enter> or click mouse. Daddy hope Boon Yee is not lasering the wrong apartment.

Kids can attempt a 9G on their F16, without feeling giddy.

Besides missiles and simulation, RSAF also showcase it’s humanitarian efforts.

RSAF’s arsenal on display. Tons of photo opportunities for families.
RSAF anniversary static display; apache at Singapore Air Show

SuperPuma family

Kids are eager to sign-on as future Air Force pilots, Boon Wee need to wait another 8 years.

The big guys in the RSAF, Chinook and Hercules. Did you know Chinook airframe has been used by USAF since 1960s.
Biggest Helicopter Singapore Air Force; Chinook ride

Hercules C-130, serving RSAF since 1977.

We say hello to an uncle Jet, Daddy say F5E is older than him !

But F5E is still a respectable interceptor in RSAF.

We realised RSAF’s Fighting Falcons are not exactly young anymore. Since 1990, they have undergone countless upgrades, and Black Knights’ acrobatics show the nimble F16s are still agile and lethal.

AEW (Airborne Early Warning), the old Hawkeye e-2C and the new Gulfstream 550.

Up in the air the G550 will give Singapore advance notice when hostile forces are detected, but on the ground, the G550 is providing some shades from the sun.

Some other interesting exhibits at 2014 Singapore Airshow. Will Singapore be buying the 5th generation F35?

We could not cover all the mean machines, click link for a map of RSAF booth and assets.

(Image credit RSAF and SA2014)

Boon Yee is clearly impressed with RSAF45’s exhibition.

We gather outdoor for the Acrobatic Flying Displays.

Black Knights Rocks, even when inverted !
Black Knights performance timing

RSAF’s Black Knights last thrilled the crowed six years ago, we witness precision manoeuvres, split seconds rolls.

Have you seen F16s and F18s (Australian Air Force) in slow motion before? Really cool as they drift infront of you at (perhaps) CTE’s speed limit.

Video : Loops, Rolls, RSAF45 Black Knights in action

When the jets power their afterburners, kids cover their ears !

Thank you RSAF, for protecting Singapore’s way of life.

Do pop by these links for more videos of Black Knights, from behind the cockpits! (Video 1 and Video 2)

15th and 16th Feb, Singapore Airshow will be opened to public.
Transport to Singapore Air Show

Two sections will make the kids and parents happy.
3D screening, let Black Knights tell you about “Sky’s the Limit“.
video of RSAF Black knight

Role playing a military career is always popular with kids, parents will be glad to see their junior pilots in No1. (checkout previous open house Navy and Army too!)
RSAF uniform kids

Media group photo.

(image credit RSAF)

Goodie bags and tattoos from RSAF, we would like to thanks RSAF for the invitation.

Do pop by The Republic of Singapore Air Force Facebook page for the latest updates.
More photos are available on our Fanpage album.

Video : RSAF45 activities

Additional points
– RSAF45 is a ticketed event, as part of Singapore Air Show 2014
– Singapore Airshow is only opened to public on 15th and 16th Feb
– Tickets are not sold on site, purchase them at this link, (Adult $22, Child 3-12 $9)
– Transport and Logistics options (Taxis)
* The acrobatic display timings and teams are listed at this link