Tim Ho Wan dim sum now available in Punggol

Tim Ho Wan dim sum is now available in Punggol. 添好運 has opened it’s 11th outlet at Punggol Waterway Point.

We heard there is now a new management in place. Menu has been revamped, but dim sum remains delectable.

Everything is now hand-made at the outlets, no more machines.
Dim sum is now served plate by plate, instead of serving everything together (as if for flatlay). This is the correct way for us to enjoy our Dim Sum 点心.

However, this would require extra resources and I thought it would be challenging to maintain quality and consistency across all outlets.

Tim Ho Wan dim sum
Tim Ho Wan dim sum

We were at Punggol outlet to savour some of Tim Ho Wan dim sum’s latest offerings, and of course their traditional favourites.

We started with refreshing Hong Kong Milk Tea and Herbal flower tea.
The herbal taste is slightly bitter, really authentic 🙂

Their signature Baked BBQ Pork Buns (Char Siew Bun 叉烧包) was next. Yummy!

The handmade crust (bun) is fluffy, the sweat and moist pork simply melts in our mouth. This is definitely one of my favourite.

Tim Ho Wan Char Siew Bun
Tim Ho Wan Char Siew Bun

Some of the new offerings from Tim Ho Wan’s menu.

Spinach Dumplings with prawn
Wrapped in a translucent rice skin, bite and enjoy a flavourful burst of taste. We gave high scores in the Looks and Taste for this dish.

Kudos for Tim Ho Wan for introducing these new creative Dim Sum (chives and spinach) on the menu. I have not seen them in traditional Dim sum restaurants before.

Even the chewy translucent skin is nice.

If you like sour stuff, you will enjoy Pork Dumplings in Hot and Spicy Sauce. This is the Mrs’ favourite dish.

Wanton 云吞 with minced pork soaked in 18 different herbs and spices.

Every mouthful bursts with rich concoction of texture and sourness. There was not enough dumplings for us.

Shrimp with Clives in Filo Pastry ( popiah 薄饼). This was first introduced at Punggol Waterway Point outlet, and is an acquired taste. Our kids hate chive’s strong taste but I like the fragrance.

Chives are not overpowering, and goes well with the crunchy shrimp.

Beef dishes are reintroduced to the menu 🙂
And we love Hong Kong Braised Beef Soup Noodle!

Tender and juicy, the braised beef goes well with the noodles and delicious broth. Best for a cold night 🙂

BBQ Pork Rice Rolls
Succulent pork with sweet sauce. The chewy skin texture was interesting too.

The next one should be popular with our kids, cause got salted egg 🙂

Sesame Balls with Molten Salted Egg
The molten salted egg goes well with the sesame skin.


Look at the golden goodness oozes out in second photo below.


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Traditional fare are still available, and yummy 🙂

Har Gao (蝦餃), very fresh prawn

Glutinous rice 糯米饭 so soft and sticky.
The grains are moist and stickiness just nice.
(Some Glutinous rice would be too sticky and cloy)

Delightful morsels of char siew and mushroom within the wrapped goodness.

Carrot cake anyone?

Tim Ho Wan best selling dim sum
Tim Ho Wan best selling dim sum

Siew Mai (烧卖) with Gou Qi Zi (枸杞子).

We finished our food too fast, and had to use another table’s flatlay for photo 🙂

Cool down with Chrysanthemum Aloe Vera Jelly .
Refreshing ending for the diners. The black chunks are sour plum.

Tim Ho Wan desserts
Tim Ho Wan desserts

More families can enjoy good Tim Ho Wan dim sum in the heartlands.

Punggol Waterway Point outlet is popular and caters to mostly families,queues kept forming at this outlet.

Thank you Tim Ho Wan 添好運 for the food tasting invitation.
We had a jolly good time, and we will be back with kids to savour more 点心.