I am a Dad before I am a Daddy blogger

I am a Dad before I am a Daddy blogger.

Just because we have a blog, does not mean we are special.
I am no different from any other Dads out there.

Singapore Family activities

Common scenarios faced by parents πŸ™‚
We still have our bangwall moments, especially when kids challenge us or simply ignore our instructions :p
My weekends are busier than weekdays (YES, working is easier than running a family)
I wish I can afford an afternoon nap, but I would not sacrifice an opportunity to have fun with the family.

I do not represent active parenting and neither am I a voice for happy parenting.
We just happen to share our family activities more frequently online, sometimes our voices are amplified.

So, can blogging helps with family bonding? I will definitely shout YES!

** The days are long, and the years are short **
Mon to Fri, work can be tiring, I just want to talk and play with the kids when I reach home.
Ask how they have been coping in school, new friends, new sports.

Kids are growing up fast, and they are no longer eager to join family outings.
Weekends are stretched between family bonding and school activities.

Every opportunity to bond with the kids and family is precious.
Family moments are sometimes crafted over media-events, another opportunity to bond together πŸ™‚

When we look back at fond episodes on our blog and Instagram, it brings back good memories.
sengkangbabies instagram

** Work hard, play hard! **

Recently, I have begun to engage the kids in sports, to live a healthy lifestyle.
They are playing soccer, basketball in school, and I needed to catch up with their stamina.

Follow our cycling and jogging pursuits.
I pickup hiking recently, and even adopted an Olive backed sunbird along our corridor!

Video (link) : Olive Backed Sunbird constructing a nest, got hashtag too #skb小鸟 haha πŸ™‚

(Fast forward two weeks from video, we got two chicks in nest hooray!)

As long as we enjoy doing some activities together, keep on engaging the kids.

Our blog has two objectives, Bring everyone Fun, and document the kids’ childhood.
Blogging is killing two birds with one stone.

When my arms and calves are tired, I know I am getting older packing too much activities πŸ™‚

** No regrets **

I always nag to the kids.
Live life to the fullest, leave no regrets behind.
Go out and venture, experience, enjoy your life.

I am a contented man, with a loving and supportive wife and a brood of happy-go-lucky kids.
Together, we bring warmth to our big family.

Andy is first a Dad before he is a Daddy blogger.


This post is started by Claudia from TheLovingMum (aka multi-tasking queen), part of a link-up with other Singapore Parent Bloggers to share a week in the life of a blogging mum and dad. You can peek into the life of 30 other families over at Week In Life of Blogging Mum and Dad linkup here.

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Families for Life celebrates at Sportshub

Last week, families descended at Sportshub for Families For Life (FFL) celebrations. We were happy to see multi-generation families gather together.

Carnival-like atmosphere, with buskers and fun activities engaging families.

The idea of FFL celebrations is for families to enjoy a day out, try out any sports you like.

Soccer, Segway or volleyball anyone?

Sportshub activities

Even though there are queues for activities, families were generally enthusiastic and happy. But we do hope event would start at 5pm instead of 3pm, so we can avoid the afternoon sun.

You can try dancing too, Bhangra is HOT (literally under the Sun).

We miss the Kayaking sessions.

Video : FFL celebrations Sportshub, kids on segway

Bazaar and carnival-like atmosphere.

We ended the evening with a round of guns.

A little complain. FFL has earlier invited families to try their luck at winning more than 10,000 tickets to local attractions. A very good initiative, but the tickets collection was a letdown.

Besides the long queue, there was no shelter from the Sun. Families for Life Celebrations is meant for whole families to play and participate together. It defeats the purpose if one family member has to queue and miss family time.

Hope this aspect will be improved next year, perhaps collection need not be on the same day.

SengkangBabies will always support any event which promotes Families first πŸ™‚

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