What is your Singapore Favourite Food?

[ Media Invite ]

From now till 21July, Singapore Favourite Food 2013 (SFF) has up to 40 hawker fares housed under one roof. We were invited by Open Rice to stuff ourselves with local fare πŸ™‚

Char Kway Teow, wait for us !

Did you realise that when we talk about “Street food”, we associate them with Malaysia, Thailand, but seldom Singapore’s Hawker Food? Anyway, some of the famous hawker fare are highlighted at this delicious link.

To quote from Singapore Food & Beverage Alliance (the organiser), “This 10 days festival hope to celebrates Singapore’s unique food heritage and pays homage to local culinary heroes.”

Our kids had their own say too, we started with Beancurd for Boon Yee and Boon Xin. Daddy will not insist beancurd is hawker food, but as long as the kids enjoy themselves.

In fact, they were busy seeking fun, instead of enjoying the feast.

Shall we share some food photos from last Sat πŸ™‚

Carrot cake

Hokkien Mee

In between our food, Calvin realised it is not so easy to interview little food critics :p

Pork with Salted egg yolk (everyone say this is a must try)

BBQ Sting ray




Yong Tau Foo

This is something new, Stingray Currypuff ! Really good but too spicy for us πŸ™‚

We heard the clayfish in chilli crab sauce is a must try, fortunately our fellow diners got some nice photos to make you shout Yummy! Thank you Miss Tam Chiak, Hui Yan, MakeYourCaloriesCount. Hello to Lisa too πŸ™‚

We end the afternoon with a BIG bowl of ice.

We would like to take this opportunity to thanks Open Rice for the invitation πŸ™‚

More food information :
– Singapore Favourite Food is open from 11am to 11pm, from now till 21st July.
– Exit A from Bayfront MRT station

For more food reviews and recommendations, do drop by :
– Open Rice Fanpage and Website