Chinese Garden Pagoda

The view from the top is fantastic, it is windy too !
We are talking about the 7 storey Pagoda at Chinese Garden.

Video : Kids were running laps at the Pagoda and shouting at the top of their voice.

Anyway, we are on a tour of 4 iconic Towers or Pagodas in Singapore, starting with Upper Seletar’s Rocket.

Did you noticed the Pagoda kept hiding behind the trees? It is definitely a landmark for the neighbourhood. We always pass this Pagoda from our car or on the MRT, but it never occur to us that we should go up the Pagoda one day.

How tall is Chinese Garden Pagoda

Chinese Garden’s Pagoda is opened from 8am to 7pm. Did we mention that you have to scale the spiraling steps up to the roof?

You will hear the kids’ echoes down the stairway, giggling and laughing as they hop up the steps. We seldom see these type of steps in Singapore.
can we climb up Chinese Garden pagoda

Trust us, the view from the top is worth the perspiration.
View from Chinese Garden Pagoda

These are the other icons in Chinese Garden.

Chinese Garden is not exactly big, but maybe because there is lesser crowd, kids got vast space to run and explore.

They can choose to go slow, catch some tortoise or feed the carps too (Ticketed exhibit).

Perhaps Hide and Seek in the bamboos?

Tons of photo opportunities all around.

Bollywood casting ?

Be it hopping across the pond on big boulders..

.. or throwing pebbles at the smaller Pagodas. We had so much fun!

Before we exit Chinese Garden, kids try to spot more fishes under the bridge.

Do pop by our Fanpage album for more Chinese Garden photos.

There are 4 Heritage towers in Singapore, and we have already covered :
Upper Seletar Rocket
– Chinese Garden Pagoda (this post)

Daddy wondered whether the hexagonal bridge at Toa Payoh garden is still around?

Next on our list :
– Toa Payoh Garden Tower
– Jurong Hill Tower

Additional information :
– Entry to Chinese Garden is free, some exhibit might require tickets
– Chinese Garden’s Pagoda is opened from 8am to 7pm
– If you like Chinese Garden, we suspect you will like Japanese Garden next door
– More details about these two gardens can be found here
– Chinese Garden is 5 min from Chinese Garden MRT

Although we call it Chinese Garden, we see more Filipinos and Indians, Singaporeans are all hiding in JEM or ice-skating at Jcube?

That Rocket at Upper Seletar Reservoir

Daddy cannot remember when was the last time he visited that Rocket at Upper Seletar Reservoir.

Recently, NHB (National Heritage Board) is doing some studies on four “old” towers in Singapore, and it has pique Daddy’s curiosity again.

Remember how our Project Playground started from a newspaper clip?
Famous Rocket tower Singapore

Daddy and Boon Yee climbed up the 5-storey stairway. It is refreshing to look at Singapore Zoo from the other side of Mandai !

From the top of the tower, it offers a 360 degree paranomic view all around us. Watch the video to feel the gusty wind 🙂

At ground level, the plaque indicated that Upper Seletar Reservoir was officially opened in 1969 by Princess Alexandra (it was first constructed in 1920, source Nparks)

Nevermind, Boon Yee is more interested in the jetty and the rocks.

An IPPT training playground, for older kids (15+), but Boon Yee is curious.
Playground at Seletar Reservoir

After seeing Boon Yee at the Rocket, the other members of Sengkang Babies are asking when they can blast off to the Moon :p
How to go to Upper Seletar Reservoir

Video : Paranomic view from the top of Rocket at Upper Seletar Reservoir

More information about Upper Seletar Reservoir :

– Nparks websites
– Park at Carpark B for nearest access
– Opening hours 7am to 7pm
– Article on Heritage efforts for 4 Towers

The four towers and Pagodas are :
– Upper Seletar Tower (this post)
Chinese Garden Pagoda
– Toa Payoh Garden Tower
– Jurong Hill Tower

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Driving towards Upper Seletar Reservoir, Daddy also learn about something new.
We all know of Heritage buildings, trees but did you know Mandai Road is considered as one of Singapore’s Heritage Roads?

We love the over-arching Rain tree branches, which forms a natural “tunnel”. Catch Mandai road on Channel U’s 100% Singapore (百分百新加坡) too, episode 41 (Green Heritage)
Where are the Heritage roads in Singapore
(image credit nParks)