Kiztopia Singapore

Introducing Kiztopia Singapore, the latest indoor playground for kids. Kids in Singapore are really spoilt for choice when it comes to indoor playgrounds πŸ™‚

This playground will be opening on June 15th and we got to enjoy a special preview. Checkout Kiztopia Singapore preview video.

Catch David’s video @Doting_DadΒ  too πŸ™‚

Kiztopia is huge. At 18000 square feet, there are 18 areas to explore and run around.

Kiztopia Singapore
Kiztopia Singapore
Image credit Kiztopia

Keep your shoes and bags (locker) near to the gift shop. All participants need to wear their own socks. Remember to sanitise beforehand.

The kids would notice all the ball pits even before we enter the compound. As we go down the escalator, or if we glimpse from outside, we can spot so many kids running and jumping around the ball pits.

Sprite” and “Raby Pit” (top and bottom pic respectively) would be suitable for toddlers. Kids can scoop the beads-like particle or jump into the ball pit.

I dare say the most popular (and largest) ball pit is at “Mojo Zone”. Well, the parents are expected to pull the banana boat along the sea of balls!

Motto of Kiztopia is “Play to Learn, Learn Through Play”

Did I mentioned there are way too many cute characters in Kiztopia Singapore? We heard there are 11 mascots (sorry , I cannot remember all the names :p )

Image credit Kiztopia

The play areas are themed along the characters.

Cute, and Instagramable πŸ™‚Β 

Parents who got Avengers withdrawal symptom can get their kids to cosplay Captain America or Hulk (at “Tina’s Snip“).

Ironman where are you?

Hungry or tired? Parents we hear you, it can be tiring just watching the kids play. The cafe “Magic Potion” will be ready soon. Parents have a spot to rest too “Bell’s Pantry” .

While resting, kids can wheel their vintage cars and maybe pump some petrol “Pio Drift“. Sorry, no drifting as the cars are powered by legs.

The food at “Bell’s Cuisine” are not real but kids could care less :p

It was fun for them to craft their own desserts and cakes. There is a well equipped kitchen for future Master Chefs too.

Kitchen was packed with enthusiastic parents and kids. Older kids can also disturb the food haha, image credit @xavvylicious

Raby’s Mart” is your market and convenience store.

Little ones can play cashiers or grocery shoppers too. These two adorable cashiers borrowed from Ruby (@FamilyStaySG)

What we love about Kiztopia is the ample opportunities for families to play together

There are a few VR AR spots, offering plenty of interactive engagements. Checkout the spots at “”AR Wall” and “Hero Square“.Β Β 

The kids had to control the water movement, pretty cool.

The older kids would love Virtual Basketball “Alley Oop Mark“. The hoop keeps moving, shoot the moving target πŸ™‚

Those who have boundless energy can trampoline at “Trampio” or the bouncing castle “Bouncy Tiger“. and I thought the kiddos have overgrown castles haha!

Rare moment, the siblings found a quiet corner to swing.

Ninja Warrior” anyone?Β  They had fun challenging each other.

Cosmic Space” of maze slides and tunnels. No wonder kids spend most of their time here. Parent can go inside the chambers too, take note of lower roof (ouch!) and the super fast slide.

There is a crawler section too. Fees apply, if you wish to grab some cuties home.

*Video: Checkout how kids overcome the obstacles

More photos uploaded on our Fanpage.

I had my doubts that Indoor playground could still attract my kiddos (10 and 12 years old). But Kiztopia has plenty of attractions to engage pre teens too. Kiztopia is so much more fun when you can play with friends πŸ™‚

Additional Tips:

Kiztopia will officially open on 15th June 2019. They are offering pre-launch discount from now till 14th June.

From 15th June onwards, the entry fee starts from SGD $28 ( Price is per pax per hour, inclusive one adult. Additional adult at $8 per pax). Those organising a party should choose the x15 pax package for bigger savings (starting from $268)

For Birthday functions, do contact Kiztopia Singapore ( for more details.Β  They have a “Starlite” room.

Do follow Kiztopia Website, Facebook and Instagram for the latest promotions.

Cheekiemonkies are inviting 30 families to Kiztopia on the 12th WoW!Β  Check out their contest at this link.

Address: Marina Square.
6 Raffles Boulevard, Level 1,
01-09, Singapore 039594

Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 10am to 9pm
Friday & Saturday: 10am to 10pm

ps.. Thanks you Kiztopia Singapore for the Fun invitation!