Eyelet Junior for our active lifestyles

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Eyelet Junior series of eye wear fits our kids’ sporty lifestyle. Be it basketball, hiking or cycling, our eye wear stays on the kids’ faces (without slipping).

More importantly, we are happy that the stylish and functional eye wear helps to control kids’ myopia from worsening.

Eyelet Junior
Eyelet Junior

Sometimes,  I am a bit disappointed at myself for being negligent at protecting my kids eyes. We only have a pair of eyes and we sometimes take our eyesight and vision for granted.

I suspect we (society, peers) might have subconsciously influenced kids that we can always rely on lasik to solve all our problems.

We list some of the common tips to protect our eyes below.

  • Ensuring book is 30cm away
  • Rest our eyes from the screen every 30 minutes
  • Too much smart phone games
  • The high percentage of myopic rate in our population might let the kids believe that myopia is normal
  • It does not help that both parents are respected and kids might have a “resigned” attitude thinking genetics will win the day. I keep finding excuses, when we as parents should try harder to delay myopia progression.


Nanyang Optical’s Project Junior campaign wish to impress upon kids and parents to take better care of our eyes.

Nanyang Optical wants to raise our awareness about myopia prevention (and management).

Boon Kang testing his new Eyelet Junior eye wear. We love the colourful and bright eye wear, which suits their active lifestyles and style.

We have been using Eyelet Junior eye wear for a few years now, and we are confident of their durability and strength.

Poster below list some of the attributes of Eyelet Junior. You may read about our previous Eyelet Junior review here.


We understand the new version of Eyelet Junior is even more durable and lasting. Our boy decided to go back to his black and green colour combination.

During Boon Kang’s eye examination, our optician would remind us on how to take care of our eyes.

I noticed eye checks have gone digital too, we no longer have to look at the wall and read out the characters. Everything is flashed from a projector onto a screen.

3D check was new for me. We learnt that lazy eye will impair our ability to  differentiate depth, thus we will not be able to appreciate 3D movies’ special effects.

Eyelet Junior range of stylish eye wear

It is never too late to take care of our eyes. I must try harder to help kids take ownership of their own eye health.

Do follow Nanyang Optical Website and Facebook for the latest updates. We would like to shout Thank you to Nanyang Optical for helping us manage our kids’ myopia.





We recommend Eyelet Junior for active kids

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Thanks to Nanyang Optical, our eldest boy Boon Wee got a new pair of Eyelet Junior eyewear recently.

As we had mentioned earlier, bespectacled kids should not let their eyewear disrupt them from enjoying sports. Eyelet Junior is designed with active kids in mind.

Eyelet’s tagline is “Stable on your face”, and they got a question for parents :
Would simply getting the right prescription be an assurance of good visual solution?

There are many factors which can affect a child’s vision:
a) Sliding spectacle should not be one of them. This happens easily when kids perspire.

b) Kids like to pull their spectacles out with one hand, instead of “sliding” the spectacles out with two hands. Over time, the temples (sides) will be lopsided.

With above two issues, it means kids’ eyeball and lens focusing-alignment will be out. Eyeballs will be straining to adjust to new “focusing” length.

Enter Eyelet Junior, this eyewear stays stable on your face even when you’re moving about ! This is true even for kids who participates actively in sports.

Eyelet’s unique design allow the frame grips our face’s contours comfortably.

Our friendly optician at CompassPoint’s Nanyang Optical help us to understand good eye habits, and how Eyelet Junior can help us.

Some recommended Eyecare Tips/ Good Habits :
– Reading distance must be minimum 30cm between eyeball and book
– no lying down to read storybooks
– ensure bright illumination, so eyes need not strain
– taking a break from computer game or TV program every 30min

Boon Wee has a bad habit, he likes to see from the side of his eyes. We hope Eyelet, together with “Zeiss MyoVision” will train his eyeballs to look straight.

Modeling time, Boon Wee gets to choose his preferred colour 🙂

Boon Wee has his specs for almost two weeks now, and we are convinced that Eyelet junior is suitable for active kids.

Our boy mentioned that sweat will not flow to the front of his specs, and blur his vision. When he plays basketball or badminton, the frame grips better and will not slide.

Mummy loves the lightweight frame, and Daddy loves the Eyelet design. We love how “Zeiss MyoVision” lens keep Boon Wee’s eyeballs focus at the same spot. The lens are coated in such a way that only vision through the center is clear, and the sides, blur. Kids will instinctively train their eyeballs to the center.

…some more Eyelet Junior benefits.

Eyelet frame might not be the cheapest, but we recommend you to trial it first. See how Eyelet will help your kids cope with myopia.

Nanyang Optical is running some promotions now.
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We are grateful for the opportunity to review Eyelet Junior, and with Nanyang Optical’s sponsorship, we are glad to giveaway a pair of Eyelet Junior frame worth $180 to one lucky fan :

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