Our kids love NDP theme song

That “Wooh oh oh” song πŸ™‚
Our NDP 2013 theme song, One Singapore.

Not many adults people are impressed, but kids LOVE the song!
Daddy hear this song every morning when he walk Boon Wee to school.
A teacher will be drumming up National Day’s mood during assembly session.

** Alert ** Do lower your speaker volume before you play the video below. SengkangBabies are not trained vocalists, expect us to have pitching issues, and Daddy to crock :p

Video : Look at them chrous away

Even if the Red Lions could not jump, kids just need some Happy songs to rev up their enthusiasm and patriotism.

Now, Daddy understand “Happy song” can be subjective, maybe our NE3 experience will bring more cheers to all keke πŸ™‚

Click for our NDP NE3 Experience.