Singapore Navy Diver Unit – NDU

Singapore Naval Diving Unit
Singapore Navy Diving Unit

Singapore Navy Diving Unit is one of the coolest uniit in the Navy (maybe SAF). Last Sun, Daddy got an invitation to visit the Naval divers of Singapore. It was an opportunity to showcase our elite divers’ capabilities to grassroots leaders.

Singapore Navy Diving Unit (NDU) is a special task force under Singapore Navy. Daddy is very curious to find out what are the attributes of a frogman (NDU’s mascot is a muscular frog), and their motto is “Nothing Stands In Our Way” !

We get to see divers perfect drown-proofing techniques. This survival skills allow divers to stay afloat longer under hostile situation.

NDU Divers Singapore
NDU Divers Singapore

**please catch the two action pack videos of Diving and Boating

Trainers will rip off your oxygen tanks ! Water confidence is a must for every trainee (also called tadpole)

After viewing the divers behind glass, the visitors got an opportunity to ogle at the divers. Six packs, dimples, suave, and yandao. All the ladies were beaming πŸ™‚

Train hard, train Safe. We sweat in peacetime, so we bled less during wartime.
Safety is of paramount concern, even for our elites.

The highlight of our tour must be the “Rigid-hulled inflatable boat” (RGIB) ride. These boats are packed with 480Bhp horsepower, and allow our special forces to cut across rough seas at up to 80kph.

After a few hairpin turns and drifts, we Wanted more! Nevermind if our hair is messy πŸ™‚

Gulf of Sembawang, and we came close to Singapore Causeway πŸ™‚

Hong Peng is clearly impressed.

Our boating experience may be a joy ride, but our Divers face pirates and choppy seas in the Gulf of Aden. (Click for some rough-sea video.)

Back on land, we got a tour of NDU’s equipments. Did you know about the indoor 25m range at NDU? Cool, no more Butt party under the hot sun.

Oohh. Wow.. High tech weaponry and systems. We are impressed.

Thank you Mindef PR for the invitation, we had an adrenalin filled Sunday morning. More action photos can be found at SengkangBabies fanpage.

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Meanwhile, Boon Kang will be ready when his unit SKB recalls him. Singapore Navy Diver Unit for him?