NDP 2019 Mobile Column form up at Suntec

NDP 2019 Mobile Column form up outside Suntec City. This will happen every Saturday until 09 Aug Singapore’s National Day.

And the best place to grab a selfie would be right at this junction.

NDP 2019 Mobile Column
NDP 2019 Mobile Column

Traditionally, Mobile Column only occurs once every 5 years. But 2019 being Singapore’s bicentennial celebration, NDP 2019 Mobile Column is happening one year in advance.

NDP 2019 road closures
NDP 2019 road closures

Nicoll Highway would be their staging area, before the tanks and vehicles roll to Padang main stage.

One of the most convenient spots to watch the drive through would be at Esplanade MRT Exit A (Suntec City).

I thought these kids had the best seats for NDP 2019 Mobile Column (at Suntec City). Imagine the thrill as the tanks roar to life, and thunderous F15 flying overhead.

Best spot to watch NDP Mobile Column rehearsals
Best spot to watch NDP 2019 Mobile Column rehearsals

If you want to impress the kids, memorise the vehicles (link here). There are a total of 171 vehicles (and missile arsenel)!

Image credit ndp.org.sg

Let us share more photos of the vehicles from Armed Forces and HomeTeam. Take note these photos are not in order.


Singapore Army Hunter
Singapore Army Hunter

The new Hunter. This ride is fully digital, guns and missiles can be fired without the crew exposing themselves. The Hunter is much bigger that the Bionix (not in picture).

The foreground flowers seem to camouflage the Leopards.

This uncle could be one of the pioneer tankee from Merdeka generation πŸ™‚Β 

Once you see the chinooks with the National flag, this is the cue for the vehicles to rolloff.

Belrex towing scout bikes.

Light Strike vehicles, only the Guards can play with this buggy.

Himars always look so docile, but packs a devastating payload.

Pegasus howitzer

Are these the radar trucks? Too many configurations.

Airbus A330 refuel tanker escorted by F15s. They replace the old KC-135.

This should be the harpoon.

Is this Aster 15 or 30?

Navy seems to bring out all their toys.

Navy divers on their RGIB.

Remote controlled Protector keeps our sea lanes safe.

My bike infront of the Navy special craft. Normally, the boat is very stealthy.

Bridge (M3G) under a bridge.

Heavy duty tow truck. Who call for Bob the builder? On a serious note, this monster will clear a path for others!

Advance and Overcome!

TP has many variants too.

There are many more HomeTeam vehicles(ambulances, police petrols, fire engines etc), a pity I had to rush home.

Hope to bring the kiddos back for more NDP 2019 Mobile Column vehicular actions.

Nicoll highway was still closed as I cycled home.

In case you are interested, you can follow my rough Google Map (URL) to cycle from Sengkang to Nicoll highway. It took me 1 hour through PCN (Park Connectors).

If your kids love army or HomeTeam actions, they will be thrilled by NDP 2019 Mobile Column.

For the rehearsal,Β  I would recommend that you arrive at around 6pm (or earlier for good spot). Be prepared to stay for up to 1 hour. The vehicles will move off around 1845 during rehearsals.

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