2014 NDP Preview of F15SG at Paya Lebar Airbase

Since 2010, F15SG has been a regular feature at National Day Parade (NDP flypast).

The Eagles are always a crowd favourite. Imagine our exhilaration when we were invited to Paya Lebar airbase, home of 149 Squadron (insignia Shikra). We will get to witness the team prepare their F15SGs for NDP2014 Flypast.

Major Wong sharing 149 Squadron’s Shikras formation for NDP flypast. The NDP crowd will wow at the overhead F15SG flypast for a few seconds, but the preparation behind leaves nothing to chance.

Manouvring their F15SG at a height of 1500ft, in close proximity and holding the flight formation, the pilots make it sounds so easy. We heard from the aircrew that the biggest challenge is the unpredictable weather.

Up there in the sky, the only constant is Change, which the experienced pilots take in their stride πŸ™‚

Officer Mess, 149 Squadron has a lot to be proud of.

We were given a tour of the “changing room”, and you can try to role-play as Iceman Maverick pilot too.

Paging for #SengkangBabies, our little pilots’ callsign πŸ™‚
Daddy told the boys they must first be super-fit and maybe go for lasik before they can join the “Above All” team.

Thank you Squadron 149 (and RSAF) for keeping Singapore Safe! We bid goodbye to the pilots as they proceed to prep their F15 Eagles.

You might notice there are 12 pilots. Each F15 Eagle is manned by a crew of two, and one extra F15SG will be available for any contingency.
F15 Singapore

Captain Shrek (his callsign and his build) briefing us on how pilots go through their pre-flight checklists. A competent ground crew is critical to maintaining RSAF’s readiness.

F15 fly past National Day Parade

In the cockpit, Daddy reminded the kids not to thug the Eject handle!

Daddy is intrigued with the multiple red ribbons.

Vents, air-intake, pods, we guys are always curious with the afterburners πŸ™‚

Before the F15SG turn on it’s twin powerplant, we quickly inserted our ear plugs!
Ear plug for fighter jet fly past

F15SG selfie πŸ™‚

Video (link) : RSAF’s F15SG preparing to scramble

Video : Catch Captain Max and Major Edwin on Cyberpioneer (part 1 and part 2), and also how RSAF protects Singapore’s air space.

The enthusiastic media group seizing every opportunity to snap the Shikras πŸ™‚

(image credit RSAF)

Six F15 Eagles preparing to scramble down the runway.

(image credit RSAF)

Thank you Mindef and SQ149 for hosting us !

Checkout our friends’ experience at Paya Lebar Airbase:

We had earlier gather at Air Force Museum. Do pop by our previous cycling and 2008 RSAF Open House experience in Paya Lebar.

Air Force Museum

More photos of our Paya Lebar airbase excursion has been uploaded to our Fanpage album. Sengkangbabies will bring you more NDP updates from the floating platform next week πŸ™‚

**updated 08Jul – We went for NDP 2014’s 1st rehearsal on 05th Jul