Science Centre School holiday activities

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Singapore Science Centre School holiday activities aim to kids entertained and learn a thing or two along the way.

Our favourite two attractions are the butterflies and Snow City.

Fun Fair Maths
A temporary exhibit for the month of June. Through interaction and investigation, kids will explore the “fun” side of Maths.

Tie up your dogs “properly” :p
science centre exported1

A maze which cannot turn left (this was tough!)
science centre exported

Odd shape bicycle wheels, yet can pedal? Marbles which defy gravity.
science centre exported4

Amazing tiles, every piece looks different yet symmetric. They can all mix and match despite their odd shapes. There is a term for this, “Tessellate”. (Hint: aim the primate head under armpit)
science centre exported3

Musical, Prime numbers exploration.
science centre exported2

Funny mirror, who can resists the concave and convex portraits :p
There are more activities, we did not list everythig.
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Ocean Buddies at KidsSTOP
Kid can personalise their own sea creatures and throw them into the huge digital “sea”!
20160605 science centre4

Occulus was popular with the kids. Imagine a VR world, riding a roller coaster in your bedroom πŸ™‚
20160605 science centre3

Kids engaged in some digital colouring and projection.
20160605 science centre5

How can we miss J Slide πŸ™‚
20160605 science centre6

Butterflies Up-Close
Butterfly enclosure is latest exhibit at Science Centre, take note a separate entrance fee applies.
science centre butterflies

Learn more about butterflies (and moths)
science centre exported7
science centre exported6

Witness caterpillar transform into chrysalis, ignore Daddy crazy stunt.
science centre exported8

Butterflies galore, some 500 of them. We heard the lifespan is only two weeks!
20160605 science centre
20160605 science centre2

Do checkout the impressive migration of the Monarch butterflies.

20160605 science centre1

Snow city
We can do with some cool temperate, snow and igloo most welcome.
20160605 science centre7
20160605 science centre8

If you need more excuse, how about sliding down the 60m snow slope in a rubber float? (video below)
20160605 science centre9

Our friends from Dino Mama and FamilyStaycationSG.
snow city group 1 credit sgStaycation
(Photo credit Family Staycation SG)

* Do take note photography is not allowed in Snow City, we had special permission.
** Long pants, socks, gloves are available for rental. This is recommended as you will be freezing after 10 minutes


Video (Link) : Science Centre school holiday activities

Who brought X-Wing to Science Centre!

Science Centre School holiday activities will keep families engaged for half a day, and we have not included the fun waterplay yet πŸ™‚
Do follow Singapore Science Centre website and Fanpage for the latest updates.

More photos uploaded on our Fanpage album.

MegaBugs are crawling in Science Centre

[Media Invite]

We have tried Escargot before, but something so slimy and hugh as this snail must make Fear Factor contestants squeamish !

Thanks to Winston’s (Dear Xander) invite, we got to rub shoulder with the hairy and eerie stars from the insect domain.

Some came dressed in their insect finest, whereas Daddy and Wei were happy to spot some tattoos. The artist is Good, she can draw everything from six to eight legs !

Imagine 2m long centipedes with their fangs, 1m ants or scorpions with pincers longer than average human limbs ! Our hair is standing already.

No one is singing Incy Wincy spider…

We have heard how Praying Mantis will first decapitate their prey (which includes husband), and then proceed to chew the other body parts into bite size ! With a 3m model behind us, it is easy to understand why Mantis got a fearsome reputation.

Somehow, Daddy is reminded of some science-gone-wrong horror movies, like The Fly.

We understand insects’ life cycle better.

We found an awful lot of Dungs rolled into Giant balls. Boon Wee’s first response is “disgusting” when Daddy told him Dung beetles feast on fresh manure !

Wei pretends to spray baygon at the pest (小强), while Daddy tries to understand why Dung beetle’s job-scope sucks big time πŸ™

We heard insects were served as tidbits during the MegaBugs event, but no thanks.

We would like to thanks Science Center for the invite. More event photos are available on our fanpage. If your little ones are curious about prehistoric (GIANT) bugs, drop by BBC’s Prehistoric series here and here.

Video : Listen to the crickets

More about Science Centre and the MegaBugs :
– MegaBugs run from 20th Apr to 18th Aug
– Fees – Adult $20 and Child $15 (inclusive entrance fees)