World Cup Fever at Singapore Sports Hub

World Cup fever is bringing us into the semi finals!

All the big names are out, bye Argentina, Germany, Brazil, Portugal and Spain! I had been supporting the underdogs, Croatia, Uruguay.

We visited France vs Uruguay match at Singapore Sports Hub last Saturday, the venue was super crowded and latecomers can only stand.

Whenever Mbappe touch the ball, the crowd would go crazy in supporting his “Dribble”.  Watching a Live soccer with other kakis (friends) is definitely more happening than watching alone!

We would not consider ourselves hardcore football fans, we bet a little to support our favourite teams haha.

Good news if you are a soccer fan, Singapore Sports Hub has some goodies for the “Ultimate football Family”

1) Simply share your crazy soccer moments with hashtag #SSHFestivalofFootball , and you might stand to win a Samsung Galaxy S9+.

More details on Singapore Sports Hub Facebook (link)


2) With a few simple steps, soccer fans might even see your favourite European team kickoff in Europe! Hello Arsenal, Atlético de Madrid or Paris Saint-Germain 🙂

Registration and contest details at this link,

-Purchase at least ONE ticket to any 2018 International Champions Cup in Singapore match (the three teams will be playing on 26th, 28th and 30th July in Singapore)

-Fill up the Ultimate Football Family registration form
-Participate in our fun-filled activities, collect stickers and complete the Ultimate Football Family Card
-Hurry up as contest ends 15th July 2018.

  • 2a) Some of the Family friendly activities are Pool Football, football trail in the Sports Museum, or try scoring some penalty kicks to impress Messi. There is a mini soccer-related challenges too (Football Fan Scavenger Hunt). All these activities should impress the little soccer fans.

Meanwhile, you may join other football fans to support your teams at Singapore Sports Hub. They are showing live telecast of all World cup 2018 matches, all the way to the Finals.

Who are you supporting as World Cup 2018 champion?

* A few of the photos credit Singapore Sports Hub