Wakeboarding Fun at Singapore Wake Park

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We were introduced to some wakeboarding fun at Singapore Wake Park.

For newbies (aka us), “wake boarding” consists of two words. Board is the platform which you stand on and Wake is the waves created by motorboat, except there is no motorboat at East Coast Park lagoon πŸ™‚
singapore wake park

As we walked towards Singapore Wake Park, anticipation grip us as we could see folks having fun in the lagoon.

Singapore Wake Park utilised a cable-ski system instead of motorboat to pull you along, generating the same adrenaline kick. More details about cable-ski here.

Located at East Coast Park (next to Hawker centre), this lagoon is now a wake boarding site surrounded by lush greenery.

Grab your helmet and life jacket, leave the fancy (professional) surf boards alone, they belong to the regulars.

All Singapore Wave Park users need to sign a Liability Waiver Form before we can play in the lagoon πŸ™‚

The lagoon is split into two sections, one for beginners (System 2) and the other is for (Full size cable). Both cable will pull you along, beginner’s speed can be adjusted and instructors will be on hand to guide you.

The smaller ones can start with knee board, which will give them a sense of the “pull and jerk” while maintaining their balance.

All the kids fare better than me, as I could not even balance pass the first set of cone! Of course I did not admit my balancing sucks, but I told the kids they are good because they always practice with skate board and scooters :p

One advantage of Cable ski systems is you can literally wakeboard day and night (motorboat wakeboarding might be dangerous in the evening).

Sashaying like a model on catwalk? We definitely had a lot of laughter and fun as we cheer each other on!

The board can be taller (and bulky) than the kids, and sometimes they might have problem pulling themselves out of the water, I would recommend one parent to be on standby to help the kids.

Video (link) : Wakeboarding fun at Singapore Wake Park!

You will be hungry after all the splashing, head over to Coastal Rhythm for some tasty finger food. Our overall favourite is actually the Nicoise salad, fresh and crunchy. Kids love Mac β€˜n’ Cheese (Boon Xin picture below).

Enjoy the scenery and action while you snack πŸ™‚

We have been talking about Beginner on the System 2 so far. To promote to the “Full-Size cable”, you must be successful three times consecutively on the System 2. No one is talking about flips and sommersaults yet…

We hope you will have better luck (and balance) than us.

Singapore Wake Park rates are listed in image below, do take note of 2 for 1 opening promotion, which ends 30th Nov.
(Image credit Singapore Wake Park)

If you are looking for something unique to try in Singapore, we will definitely recommend Singapore Wake Park. More photos had been uploaded to our Fanpage album.

Do follow Singapore Wake Park website and Facebook for the latest updates.

Contact : +65 6636 4266
Address : 1206A East Coast Parkway, Singapore 449891
Opening Hours : Mon to Fri 10am to 10pm, Sat/Sun/PH – 9am to 10pm

By Bus: Board buses 401 (operates only on Saturdays and Sundays) and 197 from Bedok Interchange. Alight at Laguna Park and walk 1km through the Pedestrian Tunnel to Singapore Wake Park.

By Car/Taxi: Via ECP highway, exit 7A and take the Laguna Flyover into East Coast Park Service Road. Park at Car Park E1 and walk 500m to Singapore Wake Park.