Happy 40th Birthday, Singapore Zoo :)

[ Media Invite ]

Last Thursday, Singapore Zoo celebrated it’s 40th Birthday.

We have been to a lot of Birthday parties, but this is our first invite for Animals’ party. For once, we could be excused for singing the Birthday Song (zoo version).

“Happy Birthday to you (repeat twice), you are Born in the ZOO !”

At Forest Lodge, Elephants (both real and decorative) were everywhere.

The performers kept the kids entertained πŸ™‚

..but perhaps the hardest ball-balancing trick is to keep SengkangBabies + CheekieMonkies still :p

Tattoos anyone? Sorry, no Pandas.

Video : “The Impossible Dream”. Did you know a panther and Hippo escaped from the Zoo before !

While Humans cut the cake..

.. Ah Meng’s descendents party on with Fruits πŸ™‚

Mr Nathan was the VIP for the Zoo’s birthday party.

After the party, we head to Fragile forest ! Read our previous preview to find out who are the inhabitants.

Love the animal murals at the Rainforest Kidzworld’s wet play area.

The kids even try their hands on river rafting.

As the weather was still warm after our swim, we pop by the new Polar Bear enclosure, Frozen Tundra. It looks better when Inuka is taking a dip πŸ™‚

Please take note of the feeding time for Inuka.

Video : This is what you can expect when Inuka goes SPlashiNG πŸ™‚

Frozen Tundra is shared by Raccoon dog and Wolverine (not X-men, but this beast got a mean attitude ) too.

The igloo is very popular with kids.

Before we exit, pose Wacky photos and stand to win prizes from the Zoo. We frame ours with White Tigers and Giraffes πŸ™‚

Our Birthday Wish for Singapore Zoo? Please find Inuka a mate πŸ™‚

We would like to thanks Singapore Zoo for the invite, our kids definitely had a WILD time.

More information about Zoo are listed below :
– Zoo Website and Fanpage
– More party photos are available on our Fanpage

– For the month of July, Singapore Zoo’s tickets will be 40% off.

*image credit. Map and Brochure from Zoo website.