Safari Zoo Run 2016 rocks!

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It was a sea of Yellow for last year’ run, Safari Zoo Run 2016’s attires are bright Orange.
Love the contrast of Orange (and greens) as we jog along.

Another medal to add to our running achievements.

Video (link) : Our fun Run through Mandai Forest πŸ™‚

Uncle David (from Life’sTinyMiracles) getting kids warm up with jump shots πŸ™‚
Zoo run 2016

With every run, the kids are always wild, I mean enthusiastic. I always had to remind them that this route is 5km not 500m. Yet, from the start, they will still sprint!

One of the mascots from Safari Zoo Run 2016 ready to pack us off.
Safari Zoo Run 2016

1km mark, not forgetting to wefie. Since Boon Xin and Mummy will be slower, we decided to pose at 1 and 2km marker, and I will join the boys infront.
Safari Zoo run 2016

Catch the orang utans and giraffes along the way. Singapore Zoo’s new Baby giraffe is a new addition, and we heard the new “Ah Meng” (Granddaughter) was introduced too.

Safari Zoo Run is organised to commemorate Ah Meng πŸ™‚
20160227 Zoo Run3
20160227 Zoo Run2

Always remind the kids to lookout for one other, to encourage and motivate each other. They need to understand that teamwork is more valued than individual achievement.

As we count down the 5.5km route 1km by 1km, time passed quickly.
Zoo run 2016 photos
(Kudos to the volunteers and cheerleaders too!)

Boon Xin’s stamina has improved too, Mummy say she will lose-air (lose momentum) at the 1km mark, she managed to endure till the 2km this round πŸ™‚

I always tell the kids that Zoo Run 2016 (series) is always fun.
Running near to the animals, deep in Mandai’s forest.
Safari Zoo run map

Greens, shades and slopes :p
I did noticed there are more uphill slopes this edition, and it is not an easy task to push the strollers uphill.
20160227 Zoo Run5

Took our own sweet time, no rush, appreciate the animals and “green” paths πŸ™‚
Say hello to your running buddies.

We can confidently say Zoo Run offers the best family Run experience in Singapore!
Best family run in Singapore

Does not matter if we end last, just enjoy the moment, and see some animals along the way. These “pit-stops” does distract the kids from fatigue.
20160227 Zoo Run7
20160227 Zoo Run6

Proud moments at end point, so many families were cheering each other on.
Always glad to celebrate the kids’ little milestones, be it to complete the race, improve their timings, or simply just to enjoy a family day out at the Zoo.

The Family who keeps fit together stays strong together.
Zoon Run 2016

Runners’ tickets entitled us to complimentary entry at Singapore Zoo. We pop by our favourite corner “Fragile Forest” again.
20160227 Zoo Run1
20160227 Zoo Run

Our family is keeping fit with more jogging and cycling activities (click hyperlink), do visit our 2015 Zoo Run experience here.

Traffic management has improved, there is a temporary carpark to house more cars. Shuttle bus will bring families to the Zoo. Previously, if we were late, it means we have to park as far as 1.5km away and walk πŸ™‚

Once again, thank you to Singapore Zoo for the Fun invitation!

Anyone wish to participate in Singapore Zoo Run?

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Have you heard of Singapore Zoo Run?
Zoo Run 2015 will be the seventh edition.
Singapore Zoo Run

On 07Feb (Competitive) and 08Feb (families), humans will be dashing around the Zoo and perhaps Night Safari grounds. Family route might take you 6km near lush green foliage, expect Giraffes and Elephants to be bewildered πŸ™‚

The race was first started to remember Ah Meng, Singapore Zoo’s (and I dare say Singapore) most iconic icon (Orang Utan).

Dates and times : Safari Zoo Challenge (competitive)
07Feb 2015 from 4pm – 7pm

Safari Zoo Fun Run (Family, relaxing)
08Feb 2015
Races : 9am – 12pm, and carnival : 10am – 3pm

Registration is now available at this link –> and Early Bird registration ends on 31 December.

Family can expect fun activities at the carnival after 08Feb’s run.
Do pop by WRS (Wildlife Reserves Singapore) Website and Fanpage for the latest updates.

Are you ready to get Wild with your family?
Thanks to WRS and Singapore Zoo, we have two Family Packs (contains two adults and two kids, worth up to $232) to giveaway. Winners will be able to enjoy Zoo Run 2015 in Feb followed by carnival activities.

1. Contest is on our Fanpage
2. Contestants must first LIKE WRS and SengkangBabies Fanpage
3. Leave your name and email on our Fanpage (or you can message email address to us)
4. Tell us your expectation/s from a Singapore Zoo Run.

5. Share this page (refer step 3) on your Facebook Wall and tag @SengkangBabiesBlog
(so that we know you are participating)
6. Contest ends 24Dec 10pm, and two winners will be randomly picked.

All images above credit WRS