Not yet Skateboarding…

Exams are over, school holidays beckon. We finally got to say hello to skateboarding. Yeah!

A few weeks back, Boon Kang used his own money to buy an orange skateboard from Rivervale Plaza. The catch is skateboarding will only be allowed after their exams.

Mummy went on to buy two others from Giant for the boys.
Boon Xin still prefer her scooter.
skateboard size

We are not officially skateboarding yet (not yet balancing from an upright position), as Daddy insists the kids should suit up first, Safety.

But we can definitely roll off the slopes of Sengkang Riverside Park.

Video (Link): Not really skateboarding, but who cares. We had so much FUN!

Mount a GoPro Hero to record our Fun, spills and falls included. Kids were laughing so loudly when Daddy falls, so mean!

Daddy wanted to be a GoPro 老 Hero :p

We really love this park, remember our water bombs episode?

We hope you are looking forward to the school holidays too πŸ™‚