Sleeping Beauty on Ice

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I brought three kids to watch Sleeping Beauty On Ice last Friday.
It is a classic story, but interpreted on ice and classical pieces.
sleeping beauty on ice

The 24 World, European and National Championship level skaters push the boundaries of contemporary ice dance with their skill and athleticism, combining audacious high-speed leaps, throws and lifts with beautiful fluid ice dancing, all performed in the intimate setting of a frozen theatre stage.
(image credit BASE Entertainment Asia)

We are all familiar with the story.
Princess fell asleep.
Prince kiss her.
Princess awakes.

But there is a twist to the ice version.
The boys kept asking me why no one is talking or singing haha.
We were all curious why the wicked fairy had turn into a male.
We were all impressed with the ice stage, flying acrobatics and occasional fire.

Video : My girl was totally in awe at the fast-paced ice skating.

While we hold our breaths whenever the skaters do their dizzying spins, we were also curious why they never lose their balance!
Sleeping Beauty on Ice
(image credit BASE Entertainment Asia)

Thank you BASE Entertainment and Nuffnang for the invite.