HTC One Max and Zoe

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HTC One Max has been with us for three weeks now.
Daddy LOVES the long lasting battery and Zoe’s special effects!

With so many features to explore, the extra huge battery with 3300 mAh capacity is a godsend. The phone can easily lasts us one day plus.

Viewing of videos on HTC One Max’s huge 5.9inch screen is always enjoyable.
HTC One Max review

HTC Zoe is an innovative tool to enhance your photo and video experience.
Checkout what other ZOE features are keeping us entertained πŸ™‚

Always Smile– You can “control” each Face until everyone is smiling, Cool!

Taking a Selfie could not be easier. “Voice” and “Smiles” to auto-trigger your camera πŸ™‚

Sequence – Feels like Timelapse effect, stitch all the action photos together into a continuous flow.

Object Removal– No more photobombs yeah !

Slow Motion is epic, look at the Fire trick in video, Wow!

It can immediately enhance the final video, Daddy still has a lot of ZOE tips to learn.

More HTC One Max and Zoe features can be found on HTC’s Website. More funky ZOE tutorials here.

Thank you HTC for bringing us so many Fun photo and video features!