Twin Island hopping Sabah, adventures galore!

Twin Island hopping Sabah, we did everything, well almost every sports available on the menu πŸ™‚

There are 5 islands at Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. Manukan, Manutik and Sapi (map) are the three more popular islands, and your operator will decide which islands to go on the actual day. All three offer decent water clarity (ie can see fishes) but take note bread-feeding is discouraged.
water sports Sabah

Ready to board our speedboat, Marine Park is only a 20min boat ride away.
day 3 kk1

During our Twin Island hopping Sabah, you will spot clear water everywhere.
day 3 kk4

Sabah snorkeling
Sabah snorkeling

You know a beach is good when you can spot shoals of fishes around the jetty! Kids will be squealing in delight, and we wish we could jump from the jetty!

Parasailing was new to me. I paired up with Boon Xin, and Boon Wee with Boon Yee (No1 and No 3). The anticipation is strongest before we launch, but once we are up in the air, absolute freedom as we enjoy the sea wind. Wave to your family and friends, look far ahead over the horizon πŸ™‚
parasailing sabah

Parasailng RM 180 (per pair, about 8 minutes) and Banana Boat RM 40 (per person). Banana boat allows our family to grab each other for dear life as we bump up and down over the waves, if we fall off, just float and wait for rescue (first photo above)
parasailing sabah

After lunch, we were eager to try more adventures. Meanwhile, Boon Xin enjoying some selfie moment with my GoPro.
day 3 kk

Flying Fox! Coral zip experience was too cool, imagine zipping between two islands, Gaya and Sapi (RM 80 per person)
day 3 kk5

No time to shout, the zipline is too short to feel any tension or fear, just Jump and enjoy the pristine water below. Everyone had to jump, some hesitated but everyone made it across! (Tip: Wear footwear as there is a 10min uphill small hike and pavement is full of pebbles ouch!)
flying fox sabah

Video (link) : Check out the water activities thrills from Day 3 !

Video 2 (link) : Clear water Sabah snorkeling

Water babies
day 3 kk3

Twin Island hopping Sabah
Twin Island hopping Sabah

Clear water, rich corals behind Sapi island. Fun snorkeling experience but those above 1.7m might accidentally step on the sharp corals, be careful. We spend almost 45 minutes in the cool water.

Snorkeling twin islands sabah

Relaxing in the calm waters, while awaiting our return ferry.

One of the best guides ever, friendly with kids, always smiling, Kor Kor (brother) Kunik frm Amazing Borneo πŸ™‚

Twin Island hoping Sabah experience went beyond our expectation, the most impressive thing was everyone was so game and adventurous! Family Fun together, we challenged our limits today.

Boon Yee : Are we ready going to Fly between the islands!

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