Easter celebration at 7Adam

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Think Easter, and kids link the festival with Eggs and Bunny. Easter is much more significant to the Christians, and you know we are not Christians, when Daddy need to reference Wiki πŸ™‚

Anyway, we were invited to 7Adam’s Eggventure activities to celebrate Easter.

Daddy was apprehensive as he knew 7Adam is famous for both dining and it’s own arts gallery. Will our kids be able to eat “gracefully”, and avoid knocking down some prized arts collections?

7Adam’s PR agency reassures us that they understand that kids will be robust and active, and their Easter activities are designed with Family-Bonding in mind.

In addition, the special Easter menu is prepared by Chey Reynaldo, who has trained with two-starred Chef Thierry Marx and held positions in acclaimed restaurants in Evian and Bordeaux.

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That brings us to the Deviled Eggs with Ikura πŸ™‚ .Kids scrap the egg yolk while Daddy and Mummy are left with the Ikura. (Mummy is not complaining)

Kids love the bird-nest lookalike omelette. The crunchy nest is made from yam.

Eggs galore ! Kids discover there are so many ways to savour our eggs.

Capsicum soup. Tomato sourly with a tinge of sweetness. Boon Xin (our girl) finished almost half the serving.

Adult’s main dish is baked Tenderloin cooked to medium rare. Kids love the crispy bacon, and we discover that Boon Kang does not mind some rare beef !

If the beef is a tad too raw, younger kids should enjoy the pan seared Chicken cordon bleu. The french fries (and ketchup) always work wonders for our kids’ appetite.

Desserts round off our brunch. Strawberry tartlets (1st pic below) for kids and orange cakes for adults.

Guess our kids prefer tangy Orange or Strawberry sweetness?

The highlight for the kids are the egg drawing activities.

Ooops sorry, we miss out Mr Bunny. All the kids were curious about the bunny’s gender and kept hugging him.

After the painting, kids last activity was to search for the eggs. 7Adam’s staff would hide painted-eggs “Kinderjoy eggs”, before the kids go hunting.

Thank you 7Adam for hosting us, our kids enjoy the EggVenture menu (both food and drawing). More photos are available on our fanpage.

7Adam details :
7Adam restaurant is nested at 7 Adam Park (coincidence?) It invites you to dine admidst artworks. The colonial house itself is a piece of art (restaurant photos).

Address : 7 Adam Park Singapore 289926
Contact : 6467 0777
Website : http://7adam.com