Sports with children, parenting thoughts

I know nuts about basketball.

Besides dunk and NBA, I do not understand other basketball lingos.
Check, air ball, fast break, free throw, box out, travel, three pointers etc
(Click for Basketball jargons to impress the kids)

But I do know Sports with children go together, and I am actively engaging the kids and family through more sporting activities.

Besides the tangible benefits like improved fitness and fun factor, the intangibles benefits are the parent and child bonding session, and character building (resilience and sportsmanship).

They were all laughing at me when I was played like a monkey or I constantly air ball and travel!
But I did not mind playing the fool and let the kids win haha πŸ™‚

Coming back to basketball or soccer, I did not transfer any “skills” to them, the younger ones were all motivated by their big brother.
The way they played looks professional and I was just a newbie (noob) in their basketball court haha.

My Uncle joints are still aching after last weekend’s basketball play, but I am game for more Sports session with my kids.
Sports with children

Do follow our Sports pursuit on the right panel (of blog), Hiking, Cycling and Running πŸ™‚

If basketball and soccer is too tiring, go for a hike around Singapore’s parks and nature trails.
We would recommend something easy, like our 2 hour Marang Trail from Habour Front to Labrador Park (album link).

Sports with Children, it is Free, Fun, and keep us Fit πŸ™‚
(keeps kids away from too much electronic games too)