Inspirit House at Punggol Settlement

We were invited to Inspirit House (Google link) last weekend. This is a new F&B establishment at Punggol Settlement.

Before we go to the food, we love the decorations indoor and outdoor.  Cosy and relaxing, we can imagine holding our birthday parties or corporate events here. We saw wedding solemnisation photos on their wall too.

As Inspirit House is near our neighbourhood, we were very comfortable in our casual attire and flip flops.

If you love more greens and buzz or a beautiful sunset, do enjoy your meal at the alfresco area.

We are not good drinkers, so I got the kids to pretend to enjoy a glass of Stella Artois or Hoegaarden at the bar counter.

Craft beer from the tap for couples to romance the evening away, with background soft rock and pop music.

Xcel (one of the partners) was telling us that Inspirit House was the only bar in Punggol offering draught Belgium beer like Hoegaarden White & Hoegaarden Rosee.

And Inspirit House’s Stella Artois has won the Gold Standard Establishment award for adhering to the 9 Step Pouring Ritual (What 9 steps? , this is something new to me)

Too bad our kids can only enjoy their Mocktails :p

Left and right are Dreamland $7.90  Watermelon Lemonade $5.90 respectively. Refreshing for a hot day. There are interesting mixtures like Cucumber Yuzu too (Sounds perfect for detox)

The food is good and reasonably priced, and you will enjoy friendly service.

We loved the Pork dishes which were delicious. Introducing a succulent slab of belly “Char Pork Belly Rice Bowl” , but I guess the generous amount of green compensates for the guilt.

Tantalising, the meat just melt in our mouth.
We would rate it 4.25/5  heavenly ($17.90)

I ordered Pork Loin Steak, which is one of the most popular dish in Inspirit House. This Canadian pork is served medium done, so you can see a bit of pink inside. Rated 4/5 ($22.90), I would definitely order this dish again.

But the condiment refused to be overshadowed. The mashed potato puree is so soft it literally melts inside our mouth. We heard the preparation takes at least 6 hours!

The garlic chili condiment really brings out the juicy pork loin tenderness 🙂
The punchy Garlic Chilli too, needs around 6 hours to fry!

Boon Wee’s favourite is the Nyonya Sea Bass.

We heard the chefs will pan fry the sea bass, add the Nyonya paste on top before heating in the oven.

Wei loves the spicy paste, which goes very well with white rice and sides.
I would rate this dish 3.5/5 ($18.90).

The menu SHOUTS fusion to me. The next dish looks a bit like Hokkien Mee Dry, but it comes with shiitake mushrooms (not truffles).

Slightly spicy but I love the texture and fusion style. Truffle Chow Mien is rated 3.5/5 ( $12.90).

Fish & Chips (rated 3.5, $18.90) , we started with a “kids meal”, then upgraded to a full portion. Kids love the herb battered sea bass, and we re-read the menu again when we saw “chaipoh” tartar 🙂

Fish Fingers for starters, rated 3.25 ($8.90)

Home made Waffles and ice cream. Crispy and delightful, enjoy the warm waffles together with your favourite ice creams 🙂

We love the waffles, rated 4.25/5 ($8.90).

Inspirit House is popular with families over the weekend. We love the intimate setting of the bistro.

Instead of customers, we are treated more like friends and acquaintances. No wonder Xcel prefer to name it Inspirit “House” for a more homely feel.

Kids’ corner for the toddlers to play, while parents eat.

Inspirit House might be a popular stopover for cyclists or pet owners. Or Beer lovers 🙂

We would like to thanks Inspirit House for the kind food and hospitality  extended to us.

Image credit Inspirit House

If you are looking for a cosy place to enjoy some family time, do checkout Inspirit House in Punggol Settlement.

Inspirit House Website and Facebook.

ps.. our meals at Inspirit House was sponsored

Updated 2019Apr – New Menu at Inspirit House 🙂