Johor seafood : Gelang Patah

When our kids finish their plate of rice and ask for more, we know the food is good. Especially when we have delectable crabs and prawns on the table 🙂

Thanks to Cheekiemonkies’ recommendation, we pop over Gelang Patah’s Star Chef (星名厨) for our seafood fix during our last trip to Legoland.
Johor seafood

This seafood and “zhi char (煮炒) street” is only 10min drive from Legoland. And many other seafood restaurants line the road.
(image credit XingMingChu Fanpage)

Let us share some of our dinner 🙂

– Brocoli with garlic cubes (rated 3/5) – crunchy greens and fragrant garlic

– Instead of our regular cereal prawn, we went for restaurant’s recommendation, Salted Egg prawn 咸蛋虾 (rated 3.5/5). Might be too creamy for us, we got a bit overdosed on salted egg.
seafood price johor

– 铁板豆腐 Hotplate Tofu is always popular with our kids (rated 3/5).

– We love 星名厨 boneless pork rib 排骨 (rated 4/5), sweet and succulent, very popular with kids and adults alike.

– coconut butter crab (rated 4.25/5) – sweet and filled with coconut fragrance. Not sure how you describe the taste, but the gravy is very appetising. Daddy and Mummy were busy peeling crab meat for the kids.

– Unfortunately, we miss their signature dish Dong Po meat (东坡肉)! Cheekiemonkies were raving over this yummy dish. Please call to check this dish’s availability before popping down.

Total damage. RM183, that is about SGD70. In Singapore, two crabs will easily cost $100 and above.

Besides 星名厨, we found 天来海鲜 (Tian Lai) and a few other restaurants packed with diners too. We recommend that you Google “Johorkaki Gelang Patah” for more delicious reviews (and other Johor seafood)

– GPS 1.450726,103.585367
– 星名厨海鲜 Restoran Star Chef Facebook
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