Straits Time Run 18.45 km YES!

I ran the Straits Time Run 18.45 km this morning, which is just 2km shy of half marathon.
A few milestones were achieved for this run.

First – The Haze stayed away another day! Any new day with PSI < 100 is another day to treasure. We need our fresh air, kids should be outdoor and not cooped indoors. At the same time, it does give kids an opportunity to appreciate that good weather is not a granted. Straits Time run 18.45 km finisher

, my previous benchmark was 10km in about 1 hour (Nila Run and North East Compressport). My timing of 2hr 30min (for 18.45km) is considered slow (Kenyan ran 58mins, and fast-paced walking can complete route in under 3km). I failed to train for this run, recent cough and haze did not help to improve the situation, but I am glad to complete the run.

Another opportunity to demonstrate to kids “Never give up, persevere, and set new benchmark for ourselves”. Perhaps 42km for 2016!

ST Run 2015 OCBC arena

Earlier, we arrived at Singapore Sports Hub 0400, 1 hour before the race commence. We were determined to make the most out of another haze free day! Positive energies and enthusiasm from fellow runners will rub off on us and motivate us to stretch further. The pacers for 2hr 10min even got pop music from their sound bar, Great job!

During the run, it felt like running a never-ending uphill, but we just had to persevere until the end. The faster I complete my race, the earlier I can reach home.

The waterfront route helps to take the focus away from our tired calves, accompanied by sea breeze. Some other iconic buildings include Singapore Flyer, Esplanade, Merlion, MBS, Gardens by the Bay.

This is not an unfamiliar route as I had joined colleagues around “Gardens by the Bay” before. The only difference is we are starting our run earlier, and clearing 18.45 km instead of 6 to 8km.

From the map below, cramps start appearing after 6km.
straits time run route

The end point is inside the stadium itself, very spectacular. More importantly, this run will pushed my running confidence up another notch.

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