Hokey Pokey Fun !


When Yi plays with such glee, you know something is happening for the kids. We were invited to Suntec City’s new playground, Hokey Pokey.

Just look at this cool castle. Daddy had dream of his own castle since young, now the kids get to live in their own fort !

To quote from the five mummies/owners of Hokey Pokey :
an educational and fun haven where mommies and daddies can bring their little kiddos to with a peace of mind. Safety and hygiene is our utmost concern and they will never be compromised. After all, we, ourselves are our biggest critic.

Follow Boon Xin as she shows you how to have FUN !

..oops.. she decided to go for a makeover first. The dressing table proves too irresistible for little gals. (Daddy is curious why Xin knows how to apply lipstick ?)

Yi decides to show his metrosexual side but he could not find the ingredients. Maybe Hokey Pokey management can prepare some chef’s hat for the kids πŸ™‚

Look at how they roll up and down the slope. If no one is looking,
Daddy is tempted to try this too….

Cars, Bikes, Lorries and fire engines will cater to the kids’ adrenalin.

Kids can indulge in some jamming session at another corner. Xin loves the little piano.

Anyone interested to be sim-city mayor? or take a helicopter ride, let kiddos’ imagination roam.

Yi and Xin also got an opportunity to create a cute ducky photo frame too. Both of them were so enthusiastic and proud about pasting their own design pieces πŸ™‚

While they are getting busy, Daddy pop around to explore Hokey Pokey, which is like a Toys’ supermarket !

Kids will be thrilled if Mummy say she is going to abandon them for 2 to 3 hours keke.

Do you know which is the kids’ favourite section ?

As long as kids are having fun (and safe), Daddy does not mind how they slide down ! (maybe Mummies will disagree haha)

We has so much fun, playing hamtum-bola (ball whacking)..

.. and someone taught Xin levitation :p

Who brought out the bubbles ! Everyone scramble to the front for some bubble Fun πŸ™‚

Time flies, when kids are having fun. We can easily spend fours hours at Hokey Pokey.

Daddy is sure Wacky Duo will agree with us, do pop by their review πŸ™‚

Although Kazae invited us to the party, he was denied entry into the castle keke.

Wholesome Fun (for kids under six)

Hokey Pokey only got one BIG problem, Kids do not want to go home haha !!

We would like to thanks Hokey Pokey and Marina Bay (Kazae) for the invite, we sure had fun running around and playing with all the toys.
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We will recommend that you contact Hokey Pokey before going down,
just in case there is an event.

– Fanpage http://www.facebook.com/sghokeypokey
– Email Enquiries@hokeypokey.com.sg
– Phone 68845385

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