Boys’ Brigade Share-a-Gift

Last December, we volunteered with Boys’ Brigade Share-a-Gift campaign to deliver Goodies bag with Boys’ Brigade. Volunteers can choose to deliver the goods, or purchase pre-packed bags from NTUC.

More details can be found on BB’s website –

Packing has been done beforehand and consolidated at Boys’ Brigade HQ.ย  Interested volunteers just need to indicate their availability online (with car and partners), show up and load the bags into cars.

The Boys ‘ Brigade kids and volunteers will help you load the bags. And these bags are not light!

We got 5 families (beneficiaries) worth of bags to deliver for the morning. You will normally need half a day to complete all deliveries.

Two by two, we took turns to deliver the Goodies Bags.
No1 excused as he had basketball lesson.

Bonus for us, when the same block has more than three recipients.
Aka less running for us ๐Ÿ™‚

Boys' Brigade Share-a-Gift
Boys’ Brigade Share-a-Gift

While doing good, our family had more bonding and interaction opportunities. ๆœ‰้’ฑๅ‡บ้’ฑ ๆœ‰ๅŠ›ๅ‡บๅŠ›, every little effort helps.

Kids take turn to play different roles.
Some are navigator, some carry the bags orย  plan for next stop etc.
We got kids who are in charge of beverage too.
Hydration is important.

All these activities sound much better than playing mobile games in their virtual world :p

Volunteering in Singapore
Volunteering in Singapore

This is not the first community outreach event for us. It is a good way to impart empathy for the little ones.

Families might be keen to contribute more to charity with kids. I have list some of our (old and new) volunteering experiences below.

Boys’ Brigade Share-a-Gift
Touch Meals On wheels (MOW) (Meals delivery)
Comchest Fudai ็ฆ่ข‹ (Goodies delivery)
Willing Hearts (Kitchen help)
Acres (Age 14+, our kids are animal lovers)

We hope to deliver more goodie before and after Chinese New Year too.
Happy volunteering!


Meals on Wheels Touch Community Services

Meals on wheels, we did something special on Chinese New Year Eve ๅนด้™คๅค•. I mobilised three chaps to help deliver meals to the elderly.

Meals on Wheels is organised by Touch Community, more details here.

Everyone is busy with work and home-cleaning, but old folks still need to have their meals.

It was a hot day. We got 16 meals to deliver before we head home for our own reunion dinner ๅ›ขๅœ†้ฅญ. Told the kids that not everyone has a family to celebrate Chinese New Year together.

I hope they get the hint that FAMILY matters.


Tasks for kid.

They got to navigate the lifts and stairways to find the correct unit. Some blocks are U-shape and there might be up to four lifts for you to explore :p

Some help me to key in the next postal code or help me plan the “route”.
Some help me to arrange the meals in order.

Family effort ๐Ÿ™‚

Meals on Wheels
Meals on Wheels

They took up the challenge, perhaps they found the experience similar to a treasure hunt? Be it sense of achievement or feel-good, I am super proud of the kids’ involvement in charity.

Along the way, we got to enjoy scenic vantage points. Example high rise city view from Bendemeer or the unique “slopes” skyline of Potong Pasir.

There are so many symmetries in our urban landscapes. ย  ย 

Delivery done, we are ready to head home.
Fortunately, the rain managed to hold.

Meals on Wheels Tips:

-Enquiry at 68046565 or email
Meals on Wheels website

We were delivering from Touch HQ at Toa Payoh Lorong 1 Block 173.
(delivered 16 packs to 14 homes in Bendemeer and Potong Pasir)

-Volunteers are delivering two meals per day, every day. Choose lunch or dinner delivery, each session will be 2 to 3 hours

-You can form your own group (friends or corporate), designate one driver and the rest “runners”

-Take note volunteers will absorb petrol, ERP, carpark fees etc

Two main activities for volunteers:
– packing
– delivery

-The most challenging portion is the packing. We need to ensure we pack the correct meals (example halal, non-halal ). Nobody wants to deliver the wrong meals and delay someone’s dinner

-Every group will be given a delivery list. Just GPS to the units and deliver
-If in doubt, ask. There is a mobile “hotline” if volunteers needs assistance


ps.. Families might be keen to contribute more to charity with kids. I have list some of our (old and new) volunteering experiences below.

โ€“ Boysโ€™ Brigade Share-a-Gift
โ€“ Touch Meals On wheels (MOW) (Meals delivery)
โ€“ Comchest Fudai ็ฆ่ข‹ (Goodies delivery)
โ€“ Willing Hearts (Kitchen help)
โ€“ Acres (Age 14+, our kids are animal lovers)