RIR cycling map

This post covers the full route of RIR (Round Island Route) 75km, I have added in our Strava RIR cycling map too.

Refer to our first post for more details and GPS.

Our YouTube video is at this link.

Tip 1.
Our latest RIR cycling map is at this Strava map . Just open link in Google Map and follow turn by turn.  (You may browse our first Strava map, showing half of 75km, for points of interest).

The 75km route should take you 5 to 6 hours easily, including breaks, navigation and photo stops.

Group of four (E, A and J) started at Rower’s Bay.  Nice weather to start the ride, but it quickly turn warm.

Do cover RIR during daytime to admire all the sights and amenities (slap on generous sunscreen!). Otherwise, you will only see darkness at night :p

(Image credit friend)

Stake this Jalan Kayu spot (GPS 1.405991, 103.872001) to enjoy a mist carpet at 0700. When we returned at 0730, the Sun was raising higher, and mist has started to dissipate.

The new PC (Park Connector) is wide and I love the bridge at the end. You no longer need to cycle on the road and avoid buses or pedestrians (bus stop).

Tip 2.
Take note the segment along Jalan Kayu (food area) is very narrow, and packed with pedestrians. Go slow. (Optional. My Strava map has a shortcut)

This new bridge is appearing too frequently in Facebook and Instagram (GPS added in previous post).

Notice the identical bridge designs, be it at Jalan Kayu, Sengkang or Changi. Wide, functional and aesthetic.

Tip 3 to 6. Refer to Nparks map.
-After Lorong Halus Bridge (PCN), turn into Pasir Ris via new pavement 

-Official Pasir Ris (RIR) exit is after Downtown East (GPS 1.377841, 103.956147) but we exit at Car Park A to avoid the crowds

-We took shortcut (before Mosque) and cut behind Tua Pek Kong temple. Official track is to CLIMB Pasir Ris Drive 3 and Loyang Ave.

-Nparks map indicate left-turn into Hendon camp road and connect to Changi Beach Park. Most will actually cycle straight towards Changi Village. (If comfortable, cycle on the road along Netheravon Rd as pavement is narrow and bumpy.)

If you follow my RIR YouTube below, the description timestamp will show the clips of shortcuts and entry points.

We did noticed significantly more walkers and cyclists on our second trip along Changi Bay PC. Round Island Route is gaining more followers 🙂

Tip 7. Do take note of dogs.
They mostly leave humans alone, but we saw a black dog ambushing and chasing a lone cyclist :p (Just stay calm and slow down)

New bridge Changi Bay PC (Image credit friend)

Do take note that it is more scenic and shady to reach Changi Bay PC from Changi Village (instead of through East Coast Park and TMCR).

Spotted starfish under the bench. Go find octopus, squid and Jellyfish too.

Tip 8.
Along TMCR (Tanah Merah Coastal Road), remember to turn left and head towards Coastal PN. If you are cycling on road, you might miss the entrance.

After TMCR and ECP, we had a lunch pitstop at East Coast Hawker Centre. Avoid the popular duck rice if you are rushing for time. (Expect to wait up to 30min. Duck rice is tasty though).

Passed by Marina Barrage, Gardens by the Bay then photo-op at Arts Museum before we crossed Helix Bridge.

Follow Singapore River West along Alexandra Park Connector (official name is Alexandra Canal Linear Park)

This 6km segment follows the canal, and stretched from Clarke Quay to Queenstown MRT (refer Google Map). First timers will need to slow down at junctions and execute some tight turns to join the PCN segments. And Clarke Quay is always crowded.

Alexandra Park Connector canal
Alexandra PCN

Loves the green “curtain” along the canal. Really gives a touch of nature to the concreate surroundings.

From here, we navigated narrow PCN from Queenstown to Alexandra road before we reach Labrador Park. Refer our Strava map for reference navigation.

Tip 9. We would recommend that you take the pavement and PC (Park Connector) opposite of Alexandra Hospital.

Cycling to Labrador Park

We travelled on the side of Alexandra Hospital, and road was narrow and so much minor roads, bustops and junctions.

Although Labrador Park (Berlayer Creek) is the end point. We could not find any RIR navigational signs. #NoCongratsSigns :p

We are just Happy to complete the full Round Island Route.

Passed by Merlion Singapore on the way home (Image credit friend)

Tip 10.
Do refer to our full RIR cycling map (Strava map here). It will help you to identify and maybe pinpoint the turns along Round Island Route.

Additional tips for new riders:

– No need to stick 100% to Nparks map. It is ok to detour a bit, for a more relaxed cycling experience or sidetrack to photograph nearby attraction

– Research more PCN (Park Connectors ) at Nparks website
– We love Coast to Coast trail too (40km)

Let me share a few toilet points (and water coolers) along the route: (clockwise direction)
Rower’s Bay
Sengkang Riverside Park
Punggol Waterfront
Lorong Halus
-Many Toilets in Pasir Ris Park
-Changi Point Ferry Terminal
Changi Bay PC (last one before TMCR)
Changi Coastal (toilet only no water cooler)
East Coast Park
Marina Barrage
-I am not familiar with the restroom locations from Clarke Quay towards the end

-If you love cycling RIR, you will love our Taiwan cycling experience
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ps.. in case you prefer walking to cycling, there is another RIR Route (150km).

Crafted by SGTrek, do find the materials and map here. A few of us #DaddyMatters had completed the first segment from Kranji to Canberra MRT. Do PM/email me if you need more details.