Muscles needed to help scrub a house

I am using SCRUB to define the state of the home.

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9 adults from same family.

Matriarch is 90+ years old, children married 60/70 years old
5 or 6 grandchildren aged 20 to 30+ .

Between the grandchildren, there are 6 or 7 babies.
I am not asking who are the parents.

Most of the grandchildren are lunatics.
One suffers from autism.
One just committed suicide recently.

I am not here to judge.
I am shouting out for help, on behalf of Fion Phua (潘迎芬).

Fion Phua urgently need muscles to scrub and paint the house.
Baby cot and beds are infested with bed bugs!
I hate to imagine what is happening to the babies?

We are still talking about Singapore, and this is real life story.
I cannot imagine how bad is the living condition.
We sometimes ask ourselves how can some families fall though the safety nets?

Who is able to stand out and volunteer yourself?

24th Mar from 0700 onwards, Block 37 Circuit Road.
Fion will be coordinating the cleaning efforts.
Please contact her at 9833 3893.

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On the day itself :
– Fion wants me to remind you to wear only old clothes (discard)
– gloves and mask might be recommended
– Do not drive as bugs/fleas might infest your car
– Volunteers are supposed to bath at a public facility

This is not going to be an easy job, otherwise Fion would not be shouting desperately.
It would be kind of you to help pass this message to big-hearted friends.

(At this point of time, Fion is still coordinating all the different groups, so timing might be subject to change )

=== === === ===
Fion Phua is actively involved with volunteering.
Her weekends are spent checking out old rental units, to find out who needs help.
Some call her 女侠 (chivalrous).
I got to see her in action through one of her door-knocking sessions.

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