2016 Singapore Garden Festival

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2016 Singapore Garden Festival (SGF 2016) blooms till 31st July. Let flowers, Plants, Landscapes and creative ideas indulge your senses smell, taste, and visual 🙂

We look so small under the CHAIRS.
Chairs of the Giants Singapore Garden Festival

Those parking at Meadow or near Flower Dome will enter via Entrance D and C respectively. Those taking MRT will enter via Entrance A (Market Place).
20160724 singapore garden festival5

Three sections of SGF 2016, we only visited Meadow and Bayfront. Do take note only Market Place is free entry, but we had to skip due to time constraint.
Singapore Garden Festival map
(Image credit SGF 2016)

[ Meadow Stage ]

Kids acting behind the tea cups.

Indulge in some “Fantasy Gardens”.
20160724 singapore garden festival12

Maui culture anyone?
20160724 singapore garden festival1

Upsize down fantasy.
singapore garden festival photos

Flower fields and a huge Bee hive.
20160724 singapore garden festival7

Inter school competition
20160724 singapore garden festival6

There are 15 landscape and garden designers from around the World.
You can imagine the long queues as I suspect this corner has the most photogenic landscapes.

I love Kyoto!
20160724 singapore garden festival4

.. even Sugarcanes maze is quite fascinating. We were half-expecting a sugarcane drink stall at the corner :p
20160724 singapore garden festival

The fringe flower displays are amazing and beautiful in their own patterns and lights.
20160724 singapore garden festival3

Beautiful Orchids and sculptures in “Secret Gardens”.
20160724 singapore garden festival8

A stalk dedicated to our founding Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Is the red ruby flower (on the right) also know as itchy-powder? We used to disturb each other during our primary school days!
singapore garden festival parking

Get up close (yes Wefie) with huge bugs 🙂
singapore garden festival with family

Complimentary buggy ride for ticket holders.
singapore garden festival buggy rides

[ Bayfront Plaza ]

If you are coming from Entrance C or D, the path to Bayfront Plaza area (8 minutes walk) is next to Hospitality Pavilion.

Gardeners’ Cup with 60 community gardening groups. Kudos to these volunteers, my neighbourhood “garden” is definitely not so fanciful!
2016 Singapore Garden Festival

Intrigue your senses.
20160724 singapore garden festival21

My personal favourite section at 2016 Singapore Garden Festival could be the Amazing Bonsais! So delicate!
singapore garden festival bonsai

Miniature landscapes. Life like humans and buffalo.
20160724 singapore garden festival13

Cool! Chinese characters of Dragon and I Love Singapore 🙂
20160724 singapore garden festival14

Tables? Not sure whether practical but they sure look nice 🙂
20160724 singapore garden festival17

Some designs are very abstract!
20160724 singapore garden festival18

Edible displays.
20160724 singapore garden festival19

Sushi are all made of plants! (and wasabi too). Check out the “flower bento” sets too. Edible?
singapore garden festival Sushi

More details about SGF 2016 :

– Opening hours : 10am to 10pm
– Ticketing Adults (Local resident): $12/$16 (Weekday/weekend), Child(3 to 9 years) and Senior citizen: $6/ $9
(Do buy tour tickets online at SGF 2016 website to avoid the crowd!)
– Each ticket allows one entry to Flower Dome (Orchid Extravaganza at Flower Dome). You need not cover Flower Dome on the same day.
– Weekends will be crowded and carparks will definitely be full.

For the latest updates, follow 2016 Singapore Garden Festival on their Website and Facebook, or Instagram #SgGardenFest

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Nursery Rhymes exhibit at Gardens by the Bay

[ Media Invite ]

Nursery Rhymes (theme Flowery Fun Times) should impressed the kids at Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay. Hello, anybody home? Our kids are wondering how someone can stay inside the boot.

From 22May to 19July, kids can try to find the “Woman who live in a shoe”, and no worries, the boot is not smelly at all.

Your favourite bedtime stories, and Nursery Rhymes at Flower Dome.

Charming displays, try to sing-along your favourite Nurseries.

Mary Mary, Quite Contrary

Mother Goose read for me, and the other “MARY has a little lamb”.
Nursery rhymes Gardens by the Bay

Local adaptation “客人来”. Just in time for Father’s Day 🙂

Humpty Dumpty sat on the “low’ wall.

The highlight must be the huge boot sitting in the center of Flower Dome.
GBTB nursery rhymes8

Hello Grandma, where are you? Can we do a house-visit, I meant shoe-visit?

“Incy Spider”, spot the giant spider behind the kiddos, and Crooked Man’s hut.
20150524 GBTB nursery rhymes5

Besides the Nursery Rhymes, do lookout for the colourful insects too.
20150524 GBTB nursery rhymes3

Love this vibrant and lively flower butterfly!

Other creatures spotted at Flower Dome (Dragon? and Elephants)
20150524 GBTB nursery rhymes4

Foxgloves are my favourite flowers at this exhibit.

Photo time
20150524 GBTB nursery rhymes1

Kids proceeded to pose with their own Zodiac animals.
20150524 GBTB nursery rhymes2
20150524 GBTB nursery rhymes6

After we had enough Nursery Rhymes, we proceeded to our favourite waterfall at Cloud Forest. Always bring a spare towel along, and do take note of the mist timing (click link).

Carnivorous plants, all constructed from Lego.

OCBC Skyway always look inviting.

Water play for Boon Xin. Unfortunately, her brothers opt for skateboard and scooter.

Rope climbing.

More tips to enjoy Gardens by the Bay :

– Buy your tickets online (24 hour beforehand), crowds are always longer during weekends
– Gardens by the Bay are running some SG50 promotions, more details at this link
– To bring your Cloud Forest experience one notch up, remember the mist timings (click link)
– Pop by our gardens adventures here
– More photos uploaded on our Fanpage album