Chinese Lunar New Year blooms with Dahlia Dreams

Chinese Lunar New Year blooms at Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay.
From now till 20th Feb, “Dahlia Dreams” aim to dazzle.

We are dressed in our sporty outfit, hope we will continue to keep Fit and Healthy in 2017 🙂

Besides Dahlia (大丽花), you will see bright sunflowers too. We could not resist taking more family photos with the bright colorful backdrop.

Year of the Zodiac Chicken, with so many chicks roaming around the Flower Dome, and Boon Kang is a Chicken too 🙂

The pond with its reflections, and the delightful rows of Sunflowers.

Boon Wee OOTD infront of the center piece (Pavilion) at Flower bed.

Love all the bright coloured Chinese Lunar New Year blooms, festive vibes permeate the air!

Chicken (or Peacock?) and Lion Dance welcomes everyone to Gardens by the Bay.

More blooms and poses 🙂

“Dahlia Dreams” (大丽花之梦) awaits at Flower Dome, do look out for special Chinese New Year Spring Surprise activities too.
Chinese Lunar New Year blooms

“RISE OF THE GOLDEN PHOENIX” will be performing on the following dates 3-4 Feb (8pm) and 10-11 Feb (7pm) near SuperTree Grove. This huge LED Phoenix will try to fly into Singapore Book of Records!

Do pop by Gardens by the Bay website for the latest updates, and pop by our Flower experiences here. We are definitely ready to welcome Chinese Lunar New Year, how about you? 新年快乐!

2016 Singapore Garden Festival

[ Media Invite ]

2016 Singapore Garden Festival (SGF 2016) blooms till 31st July. Let flowers, Plants, Landscapes and creative ideas indulge your senses smell, taste, and visual 🙂

We look so small under the CHAIRS.
Chairs of the Giants Singapore Garden Festival

Those parking at Meadow or near Flower Dome will enter via Entrance D and C respectively. Those taking MRT will enter via Entrance A (Market Place).
20160724 singapore garden festival5

Three sections of SGF 2016, we only visited Meadow and Bayfront. Do take note only Market Place is free entry, but we had to skip due to time constraint.
Singapore Garden Festival map
(Image credit SGF 2016)

[ Meadow Stage ]

Kids acting behind the tea cups.

Indulge in some “Fantasy Gardens”.
20160724 singapore garden festival12

Maui culture anyone?
20160724 singapore garden festival1

Upsize down fantasy.
singapore garden festival photos

Flower fields and a huge Bee hive.
20160724 singapore garden festival7

Inter school competition
20160724 singapore garden festival6

There are 15 landscape and garden designers from around the World.
You can imagine the long queues as I suspect this corner has the most photogenic landscapes.

I love Kyoto!
20160724 singapore garden festival4

.. even Sugarcanes maze is quite fascinating. We were half-expecting a sugarcane drink stall at the corner :p
20160724 singapore garden festival

The fringe flower displays are amazing and beautiful in their own patterns and lights.
20160724 singapore garden festival3

Beautiful Orchids and sculptures in “Secret Gardens”.
20160724 singapore garden festival8

A stalk dedicated to our founding Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Is the red ruby flower (on the right) also know as itchy-powder? We used to disturb each other during our primary school days!
singapore garden festival parking

Get up close (yes Wefie) with huge bugs 🙂
singapore garden festival with family

Complimentary buggy ride for ticket holders.
singapore garden festival buggy rides

[ Bayfront Plaza ]

If you are coming from Entrance C or D, the path to Bayfront Plaza area (8 minutes walk) is next to Hospitality Pavilion.

Gardeners’ Cup with 60 community gardening groups. Kudos to these volunteers, my neighbourhood “garden” is definitely not so fanciful!
2016 Singapore Garden Festival

Intrigue your senses.
20160724 singapore garden festival21

My personal favourite section at 2016 Singapore Garden Festival could be the Amazing Bonsais! So delicate!
singapore garden festival bonsai

Miniature landscapes. Life like humans and buffalo.
20160724 singapore garden festival13

Cool! Chinese characters of Dragon and I Love Singapore 🙂
20160724 singapore garden festival14

Tables? Not sure whether practical but they sure look nice 🙂
20160724 singapore garden festival17

Some designs are very abstract!
20160724 singapore garden festival18

Edible displays.
20160724 singapore garden festival19

Sushi are all made of plants! (and wasabi too). Check out the “flower bento” sets too. Edible?
singapore garden festival Sushi

More details about SGF 2016 :

– Opening hours : 10am to 10pm
– Ticketing Adults (Local resident): $12/$16 (Weekday/weekend), Child(3 to 9 years) and Senior citizen: $6/ $9
(Do buy tour tickets online at SGF 2016 website to avoid the crowd!)
– Each ticket allows one entry to Flower Dome (Orchid Extravaganza at Flower Dome). You need not cover Flower Dome on the same day.
– Weekends will be crowded and carparks will definitely be full.

For the latest updates, follow 2016 Singapore Garden Festival on their Website and Facebook, or Instagram #SgGardenFest

More flowers loaded on our Fanpage album 🙂
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