OSIM Sundown Marathon 5km with boys

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For the first time ever, OSIM Sundown Marathon has a 5km category to cater for families.
The organiser hope families will get fit together 🙂

5km is neither short not long. Like any races or challenges, I always encourage kids to look forward to the kilometer marker. 1km, 2km, 3km and you have already crossed the halfway point. A morale booster for the kids.

As long as they manage their pace and not attempts too many sprints in the beginning, everyone should be able to complete their race in comfort 🙂
SengkangBabies sundown

I am the best role model for my kids. I would hesitate if you ask me to attempt 5km in 2014.
I shared my short history of running progress in the earlier OSIM Sundown Marathon post. But I am now game for 10km routes, next up is 18km in the Straits Time Run in Sep 🙂

Video : On a side note, we purposely drop by earlier to catch RSAF in action during 2015 NDP Flypast rehearsals. The “50” formation is so spectacular!

21km posing, maybe too early for the kiddos, but I really hope to inspire them to keep fit.
Osim Sundown Marathon 5km family

Not many races are conducted in the evening, but the crowds did not seem to mind. 5km category starts at 8pm, but it was already 8.20pm when we started running. It was much cooler in the evening, and those who ran in the earlier waves even managed to catch splendid NDP fireworks!
Sundown Marathon night run

The aircon breeze blowing from MBS does help to cool everyone down 🙂
Sundown 5km route
(image credit Map from Sundown website)

So proud of the kids, we sprint to the finishing line in the last 30 metres!
We completed our 5km route between 40 to 45mins.
Sundown Marathon finisher medal

So happy to run the route with Isaac and Chloe from Tan family. Kids chit-chat and try to pace each other throughout, taking their minds off the run.

To celebrate our race, we went supper together at Old Airport Road. Not so healthy haha, but everyone is hungry after their run.
johnny IMG-20150704-WA0000
Image credit (Johnny)

Thank you Sundown Organiser for the kind invite and sponsorship!

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