Olive backed sunbirds so cute!

A pair of “Olive backed sunbird” has decided to build their nest right outside our corridor!
讲鸟话 has double meaning in our household (literally bird-talk, I cannot use TCSS as a bit crude for kids haha).

The past few weeks have been an amazing journey as we watch our tenants build and nurture their family.
Olive back sunbird nest

(Above photo taken 2 days ago)
We suspect the chicks are only 4 or 5 days old, we had heard some soft chirps from the nest.
Wow, not one but two chicks!
The weaker one is always in the shadow. The alpha will always pop out when it sensed food is around.

They grow fast, are always hungry (and getting noisier haha), and we heard the chicks will fly off in 3 to 4 weeks time.

(Two weeks earlier)
Mummy Bird was patiently incubating day in day out, she only flew off occasionally to feed. She was so tactical we only realised her “camping” after two days.
Olive back sunbird chicks

We were so impressed that we gave our tenants a hashtag #skb小鸟 (skb = SengKangBabies). Follow us on our Instagram for the latest bird story.
Olive backed sunbird

(Roughly 4 weeks ago)
We woke up to find the nest on the floor! We felt so sorry for the hardworking birds, I quickly improvised and tie the nest back to a sturdier stem. We waited and waited, the couple came back to inspect and certify the nest after 3 days.

(Research told us that it is common for Olive backed sunbirds to leave their nest alone up to 7 days after completion)

Problem was our nest dropped and was never really completed, it is smaller than usual. Feels like a 5-room to 3-room downsize, and we are worried the chicks will have lesser space to manoeuver.

Hardworking Mum multitasking, from building nest to incubating to feeding and now bodyguard.
Olive back sunbird photos

We suspect they are borrowing twigs, barks and souvenirs from neighbours pots and plants haha 🙂
Is that tissue paper for the inner lining? Quite elaborate and intrinsic, a masterpiece of a nest.

(Video taken 5 weeks ago)
Please watch the amazing nest builder in action, (Video Link) : Busy Olive Backed Sunbird parent building nest

(03 March 2016)
And this was how it all started, we first spotted this handsome bird outside our corridor. It got accustomed to us and started weaving. We found it unbelievable for a bird to settle so close to us, what a good learning opportunity and experience for kids.

Did some image research and realised this is the Olive Backed sunbird, the one with blue chest is male. This species of birds are very common in South East Asia. (Female only yellow)
bird corridor

Our little bird story continues, and we hope generations of Olive Backed sunbirds will recycle our humble nest.
Interested in birds, checkout BESG blog 🙂

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* Updated 2016 Apr 15 (Video link)

0.20 – house keeping yucks!
0.40 – Fledging, stretch
1.01 – hummingbird-like hovering!

*Update 2017 Mar Season 2 link **

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22 thoughts on “Olive backed sunbirds so cute!”

    1. We are thrilled, Ting 🙂
      To see the busy parents build a nest from scratch, eggs hatched (ok we did not witness this segment), the chicks, the whole cycle. Amazing nature!

  1. Such lovable birdies! I am sure your kids must be learning so many things by observing them, by caring for them. Looking forward to more updates on the birdies.

    1. The kids could not resist peeping into the nest day in and out, I need to constantly remind them to keep a distance from the birds.
      Am worried the chick might be stressed 🙂

  2. I have been following the ‘bird’ story since you posted it on Instagram, now finally get to meet the chicks! So so precious and memorable to witness the nest building, the hatching and now its infancy stage. Thanks for sharing this educational sighting with us.

  3. Oh my god!I stumbled onto this post while researching… on these birds! They chose to build a nest on my mom’s potted plant as well. I love how you described what your mom did because… my mom and husband did the same! From being a fixer to protector and all. The nest was really flimsy so my husband tied a net around it so to secure the nest and placed a box tall enough to support the nest. We rescued the babies from the ground a couple of times when they were trying to learn how to fly. It was such an amazing experience! We are left with one baby bird now and we hope it can fly better soon! I was frantically searching for it when I didn’t see it in its nest and yet I hear chirping! hahahha

    1. Thank you for dropping by, we miss our Olives haha 🙂
      Although they can be quite loud, it is an amazing experience to see the birds feed, fledged and fly off.


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