Sungei Road Thieves Market

Some call it Thieves Market or Sungei Road Flea Market.
Older folks will call it 结霜桥 (Hokkien for Frozen Bridge, not related to Walt Disney cartoon) with reference to the old ice factory.

It goes by a lot of names but it remains a heritage and landmark along Sungei Road.

Daddy brought two kids along to check out some goods before the area is torn down for good. Thieves Market is located at the inter-junction of Larut Road and Pitt Street (GPS 1.305145, 103.856316)

(Image credit Google map)

Crowded weekends, and potential customers checking the goods. In the old days, the items peddled here were stolen, thus the “Thieves Market” tag.
Sungei Road Flea Market

One person’s junk is another’s treasure. You can find old Army attire, watches, VCDs, phones, wallets, fans and old cooking utensils.

If you can afford a McDonald meal, it is not necessary for you to employ your bargaining skills. The old uncles will automatically discount for you when they see you hanging around with kids.

Our loot (pun intended) :p
– binoculars – $5 discount to $3
– Wrestling WWE RAW Vcds – $5 to $2.50, buy more get more discounts too haha

Thieves Market provide a meagre livelihood and more importantly a connection point for the folks. Soon, this area will be torn down for future developments.

Another piece of Singapore’s history will walk into the dust.

Do take note that this area is very hot and we were drenched within 10 minutes. If you are visiting for nostalgic reasons, 30min walk will cover the whole area.

Refer to map above, Daddy recommends you take a slow stroll along Rochor River for Sungei Road’s next famous icon.

A delicious bowl of Laksa (结霜桥叻沙) awaits at Block 27 (S200027), and one bowl is not enough. The boss did not scrimp on the cockles and fishcakes even though one bowl cost only $2 (YES Two Dollars!)

No wonder there is always a queue at Sungei Road Laksa.

– Do checkout 星期二特写 (Tuesday Report)’s feature about Thieves Market this Tuesday (14Oct) at 1030pm Ch8.

– Sungei Road Thieves Market is opened from 1pm to 7pm
– Sungei Road Laksa is closed on the First and Third Wednesday every month

Boon Lay Food Centre

Tuesday Report (星期二特写) is currently running a series of documentaries on Hawker centres and hawkers (生活气场). It talks about how Hawker Centres have changed with time, and the challenges faced by hawkers. Through hawkers are humble people, they always reach out to help others in their community.

And of course, you do not talk about Hawker Centres without mentioning the food !

Wei is having his exams soon, and has been barred from events and playgrounds 🙁
But our family love to explore new food venues, that explains why we roam from Sengkang to Boon Lay :p

Why are there so many BBQ seafood stalls in Boon Lay ??

Five spices (五香) was one of the highlighted stalls. Kids love the prawn crackers and fillet, while Daddy love the old school sausage and peanut gravy.

The last stop for us was Ice-Garden. After the spicy sotong and 五香’s chili, we need to cool down.

Ice Kachang anyone? The kids enjoy the jellies and making their “ice berg” tumbles.

We heard Ice Garden’s boss came out with 78 cool designs, and the queue never stopped.

*image credit from Tuesday Report Fanpage

We had wanted to take-away Orh Nee (Yam paste 芋泥), but too bad sold out 🙂

From 06 May onwards, Blk 221A Food Center will be closed for two months of renovation.

More about Boon Lay Hawker Center :
– Boon Lay Place Block 221A PO 641221

The food above are from :
#01-06 – Malay Nasi Lemak (we did not try, due to LONG queue)
#01-161 – BBQ seafood (Sotong is 3/5)
#01-164 – Ngoh Hiang (3/5, gravy is nice)
#01-133 – Ice Garden (wide selection, but dessert 3.5/5)

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From Tuesday Report, Daddy discover butter-Kopi 南洋香 too !

1)Heap Seng Leong Kopitiam
Blk 10, North Bridge Road, #01-5109
4am-8pm daily

2)Seng Hong Coffee shop, Blk 58, Lengkok Bahru

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Our Cheng San Market playground 🙂

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