Awfully Chocolate’s new Afternoon Tea menu

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We all know Awfully Chocolate serves delectable Chocolate pastries, truffles and cakes. It is a one stop shop to satisfy all your chocolate cravings πŸ™‚

Daddy and Mummy pop by their Greenwich branch last week, minus the kids :p

This is Daddy and Mummy’s date night again YEAH !

Once we are inside the cafe, temptations lure us from every display rack! We are spoil for choice.

Tart, Truffles, cup cakes and Awfully Chocolate’s famous “Super Stacked Chocolate Cake”. The full list of desserts are available at this sweet link.

We have been invited to try out Awfully Chocolate’s new Afternoon Tea menu. Never mind we arrive only at 6:30PM, Chocolate is good 7×24 around the clock πŸ™‚

With the Afternoon Tea set, the best chocolate items are shortlisted for our enjoyment, no more dilemma. The menu also come with scones, ι»’(hei) ice cream cone and either premium coffee or whole leaf tea.

Three-layered servings for two ($38), all the exquisite pastries are fighting for our attention.

Afternoon Delight serving for one person ($20). Daddy suspects it will be more fun to go with friends or partner to savour a mouth watering chocolate experience.

The set menu starts with awfully Chocolate’s freshly baked scone, accompanied by fresh vanilla bean cream, strawberry pie jam and their own handmade butterscotch.

Cherry & Lychee Truffle with Fondue. Everything taste nicer once we coat it in the chocolate fondue !

You do not need to consume the pastries or tarts in any order. Just follow your taste bud’s lead.

(Disclaimer, if kids are around, they will definitely gobble up every last piece of chocolate goodness !)

Yummy display, the display looks so nice we almost hesitate to devour the pastries πŸ™‚

If you wish, you can even start with a tandalising scoop of ι»’(hei) ice cream first. It is afterall, your afternoon πŸ™‚

Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Sandwich, Smoked Ham and Cream Cheese Sandwich, Mini Crème Brule, and Mini Mushroom Quiche.

After almost two layers of chocolate starters, our taste bud are masked by thick cocoa.

We love the mini sandwiches and Mini Mushroom Quiche, although Mummy commented the brule is too sweet. Daddy thought it goes well with his latte.

Mini Tiramisu. This portion is too small for us, we love the different layers of texture of chocolate cake and smooth cocoa surface. This premium dark chocolate is so inviting !

We save the best for last, the “Super Stacked Chocolate Cake”. The different layered dark chocolate fudge looks so appetising πŸ™‚

Thank you Awfully Chocolate for the invitation. Daddy and Mummy had an exceptionally sweet (η”œθœœθœœ) outing πŸ™‚

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** updated 2013Nov – Do take note Awfully Chocolate is not Halal