Far East Square F&B choices

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CBD area (Raffles place’s Far East Square, China Square etc) is always packed during weekday mealtimes. However, the same area will be quiet during the weekends, meaning families can relax and enjoy their meals.

We were invited to Far East Square’s food trail earlier. What we did not expect is the numerous Japanese cuisines around Far East Square, yeah! Read on and count how many sashimi, chirashi we gobbled down πŸ™‚

First stop, Ju Chun Yuan 聚ζ˜₯ε›­.
We needed to celebrate Chinese New Year with Yu Sheng ζžι­šη”Ÿ(lou1 hei2). Huat Ah! Fortunately, Sengkangbabies (and fellow buddies from Cheekiemonkie and Edunloaded) did not flick too much salmon off the table! (the Yu Sheng aftermath photo can be found on our Fanpage album)

We got live band to enhance our appetite too.

Kids love the Wok-fried Prawns with Chef Recipe Sauce. Even the shell is succulent enough to chew.

Everyone loves Fuzhou Style Steamed Soon Hock Fish, sweet and juicy gravy. The flesh is soft and melts in our mouth.

Wok-fried Vegetables with Black Fungus & Gingko Nuts and Golden Crispy Chicken with Deep-fried Garlic & β€˜Hua Yan’ Salt

We heard Ju Chun Yuan’s Tim Sum is good too, we must find another weekend for brunch.

Around Far East Square, there are a few blocks for you to explore. Be it Chinese, Vietnamese, cafes or bars, different cuisines and F&B options to satisfy everyone’s taste.

Jin Fine Dining 臣 is situated at Amoy Hotel (Yes, there is a Hotel in Far East Square). We know it is fine dining, but kids are hungry and active by nature, one more round of scissors paper stone πŸ™‚

Above Crispy Salmon Maki, below Ikura Chawamushi. Love the fresh salmon and fish eggs!

Hokkaido Snow Beef with Hokkaido Rice, everyone fell in love with Hokkaido rice. We can savour every chewy and sticky grain.

Jin’s signature Bara Chirashi with Hokkaido Rice. Love the abundant sashimi pieces. I am surprised that Boon Wee scoop up every morsel off the bowl! I did not know he is a sashimi fan.

Chunks of salmon and tuna really whet our appetite.

Saga Beef Amiyaki is the highlight of our food trail. After this dish, nothing comes close :p

Saga beef export is strictly controlled, and we can understand why. every piece melts in our mouth, so tender, sweet and succulent. This premium beef costs $100 for 100g, Bliss!

Thereafter, every meat pieces tasted bland haha.

When it comes to TuckerBox, I think of healthy and delicious bentos. Their popular Bara Chirashi bentos cost from $8.80 to $15.80, and is filled with generous chunks of fresh sashimi. I would highly recommend this for takeaway to your lunch meetings.

Healthy, nourishing and tasty.

Tucker Salmon Bento, love their bento takeaway designs. Looks so appetising.

Chicken Katsu Don is very favourable, we love how the egg has mesh into the rice. Feels like eating home cooked food, very fulfilling.

TuckerBox concocts cold pressed juices too, perfect for the health conscious.

We overheard Foie Gras will be available at The Rustic Bistro. Daddy has a soft spot for this decadent dish, but he told (white lie) the kids Foie Gras is some sort of cheese.

Everything in moderation, Daddy did highlight Foir Gras is high in cholesterol, we must remember to exercise later.

Kids always have an extra compartment in their stomach for fries. Rustic Bistro’s Club sandwich.

Beetroot Duck Salad

Braised beef cheek

We prefer the less spicy Duck with Mushroom aglio.
Above-Pork Belly with 63 degree egg
Below- Spicy tomato crab meat pasta, this dish might be too spicy for kids.

Love the industrial decoration at Rustic Bistro. Families will love the laid back atmosphere.

Interesting boards to entertain the kids.

Parking rate at Far East square is only $3 per entry during weekends. You can really cafe hop during a lazy Saturday. For more photos of our Food Trail, do pop by our Fanpage album.

More F&B outlets are listed on Far East Square website, but do take note some of them are closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

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