Kiwifruit infused cuisine

[ Media Invite ]

As part of Zespri‘s Kiwifruit introduction, a group of bloggers were invited to Fern & Kiwi.

Everyone knows Kiwifruit is the green hairy fruit, but Daddy was tempted to do a Haka (tongue sticking and grunting) over his Kiwifruit infused cuisine!

Daddy had a little lamb, little lamb .. (sing along)

Fern & Kiwi serves the best of New Zealand Food, Wine and Beers (quoting from their website), and Kiwifruit is our VIP today.

Think Kiwifruit, think Zespri πŸ™‚

After learning about Zespri’s history and dietician’s tips, we could not wait to savour our delicious Salad.

Menu laden with Kiwifruit goodness πŸ™‚

Our seafood salad appetizer. Prawn, scallop and snapper meshed with Zespri Kiwifruit.
Tangy sweetness, overall refreshing.

Daddy chose Canterbury Plans’ Charred-Grilled Lamb Cutlets for his main course. We learnt that Kiwifruit can tenderise the meat.

Love the sweet Kiwifruit essence overflowing onto our rack, and Daddy scooped up all the Kiwifruit mixture.

Dessert is Duo of Kiwi Panna Cotta accompanied with Fresh Kiwi Compote. Taste a bit like sour cream, coupled with sweet strawberry.

It was nice to catch up with friends again. Hello Kwan Family, Dawn, Ai and Grace. An honour to sit next to two Omy Blog award winners (Family and Individual category) :p

Do click on their names for their Kiwifruit experience πŸ™‚

We end the evening with a platter of Green and Gold Kiwifruits.

Thank you Zespri for the invite, Daddy really enjoyed his evening. The kids are going to ask why they were not invited to the Kiwifruit fest haha πŸ™‚

We will share more Kiwifruit delights over the next two weeks, meanwhile do pop by our Fanpage album for more Kiwifruit photos.

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