Tiong Bahru giant rooster

From the Cheekiemonkies and IG GingerbreadMum, we knew that some Godzilla giant roosters have reach epic proportions in Tiong Bahru!

We thought street art only exists in Penang, imagine our excitement when we embark on a mini treasure hunt for fowls and fishes.

Tiong Bahru’s huge animals are part of Tiong Bahru Festival, and the creative murals belong to Ernest Goh.

We pretend to play 老鹰捉母鸡, these roosters are definitely not on your KFC menu!
Tiong Bahru cock

Video : Big Roosters!

While hunting for Tiong Bahru giant animals, we are actually taking a walk down memory lane.

The alley ways, the rare spiral stairways and even the papaya trees along the corridors.
Then we can always spot a swanky 40 storey high-rise condo behind the conserved building. A new niche cafe, bookshop or eatery next to traditional Bak Ku Teh, or curry mixed rice.

There is a nice blend of old and new.

Old architectures unique to Tiong Bahru estate.

The iconic Community Center, with it’s bright red brick wall, resembles a fort.

Junior explorers, the stairways always appear dim and mysterious.

Old windows and walkways, some are air conditioned.
Map of big animals Tiong Bahru

Old Tiong Bahru, 中峇鲁 is built in the 1930s.

Hide & Seek among the bushes, even the rooster is playing concealment.

We spotted Papaya trees, herbs and laundry lines along some of the corridors. We can spot some of CBD’s skyscrapers in the distance.

You will notice that the whole Tiong Bahru estate has pockets of shades, thanks to plenty of trees and thick overhead foliage.
Heritage buildings Tiong Bahru

We will end our Tiong Bahru exploration with Guppies and Goldfish.

Guppies are hidden in the alley, watch them swim into the drains.

A life-like goldfish next to the post office.

Kids pop by some real arowanas before we head home.

We completed our treasure hunt of Tiong Bahru’s giant animals, kids jump for joy.

You must catch more Tiong Bahru Animal Murals at Instagram #tiongbahrufestival.

Videos : catch the cool Timelapse creation of the cocks (part 1 & 2)

We spend about two hours touring the quiet neighbourhood, hunting for the roosters and guppies. Timing includes 30min for meal time at Tiong Bahru market.

More tips about Tiong Bahru estate :
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WW2 Air Raid Shelter

* 3 roosters and 2 fishes in Tiong Bahru, grab the map from Cheekiemonkies blog
– More Tiong Bahru photos on our Fanpage

100% Singapore 百分百新加坡 Steady Lah !

Channel U’s 100% Singapore 百分百新加坡 just completed it’s 8 episodes run.
Ch U 100% old playground

We watch every episode, and we really enjoy the documentary.
We are not saying this because we appear in one of the episodes.

It tickles our funny bone when we can identify with the “Singaporean traits” (tissue paper chope, Singlish etc)

Coffeeshop 踢球(Tak4 kiu2) and 釣魚(Diao4 her2) brought back so many fond memories.

To quote from the producers

Ch U old playgrounds Singapore

Video : This is us on Episode 1, Old-playgrounds.

Personally, Daddy like these three episodes :
Episode 1 – 怀旧篇 (Nostalgia) – playgrounds and biscuits
Episode 4 – 自然 (Nature) – Pulau Semakau, Bidadari !
Episode 6 – 饮食篇 (Food) – Hawker centres, yummy Chicken Rice, Laksa 🙂

Ch U 100% 百分百新加坡

Video : Before we end, listen to this catchy song again 🙂

(Credit Si Ying)

Miss any episodes? Pop by Xinmsn Catchup.
Catchup TV, Xinmsn Catchup

Thank you 100% Singapore 百分百新加坡! You rock !
Channel U 100%, 百分百新加坡

Catch us on Episode 1 or background filming.
ps.. if you have enjoy 100% Singapore, we recommend you to follow SG50 activities 🙂