iFLY literally

iFLY, ie I FLY.

For that 45s when you are in the tunnel, you are weightless, carefree like a bird, with iFLY’s giant turbine propelling you upwards !

For that short moment when you are airborne, you throw away all your worries.
Your mind is blank, and the short 45 seconds feels like 5min of pure adrenalin.

Flyers have to go through an orientation first, learn the correct postures and instructor’s hand signals. (leg straight, leg bend, chin up and most importantly Relax!)
iFly review

Suit up, with goggles and helmet too. No phone and camera allowed inside the tunnel.
iFly dress code

If you are jumping off a plane, 45s is all it takes to fall from 12000 to 3000 feet.
Although we are confined in the tunnel, those experienced ones can drift towards the top at 56.5 feet (5 storeys high), then zoom down for that adrenalin kick (watch the professionals do it)

This must be one of our best experience in 2014.
The whole flying experience still feels surreal, Daddy say he felt like Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible. (Did we mention wind speed is 170MPH! )

Video (Link): Best of all, Daddy and Boon Wee can encourage each other to overcome their fears.

Video(Link) : Attempt 2, thank you to our videographer Boon Kang. It might look like we are iSWIM, that is because the draft is pushing our legs out of control

The instructors will demo their skills during intervals, the experts make it look like a Matrix sequel, spinning upside-down so effortlessly. Our friendly iFLY coach, Josh. Thanks for the coaching !

At iFLY, we step out of our comfort zone, and tandem jump is no longer taboo in Daddy’s bucket list. He is still shaking his head at Bungee jumping.

Oh, remember to smile for the camera 🙂
(your cheeks would be flapping)

I can Fly (iFly) !

More Tips :
– if you find yourself heading towards the window, just slightly push away with feet or hand
– no dress code but you must wear a pair of shoes(rent at reception)
– no cameras allowed, so keep your GoPro at home
– get someone to take your photo or video(recommended) from outside
– you need to book a iFly session 90min before it starts
– ticket pricing starts from $70 and $79, for children (under 18) and adult respectively (super off peak)
– x2 sessions of 45 seconds, we recommend $30 for an extra round
– minimum age limit is 7 years old
– photos can be ordered separately

For latest updates and iFLY promotions :

Finally, we got a chance to iFLY because we won two tickets from Estella!
Do pop by her iFLY experience too.